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Naomi is one of my absolute favorite new models to the site. What a body and just love that clit. Heres hoping she becomes an ALS regular, models this hot are hard to find

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I'm always a bit reticent to make what might app to be a negative comment, because ALS is such a great site. And, for the record, most of my "negative" comments are really more observations than criticisms. That being said, it looks like Naomi has a pronounced clit. Some closeups would have been nice. Keep up the great work!

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Yes, I agree that Naomi has a wonderful clit but it is not the center of attention in this set. Instead, the closeups here are of her putting the lollypop in and out of her pussy. I think this is one of the best lollypop scenes on ALS.

Her "Perfect Pussy" set gives her clit the attention it richly deserves including lots of closeups. Alex mentioned in his blog post that he was impressed with Naomi's big clit, so I take that as a sign that we will see plenty more of it in her remaining releases.

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This set is fantastic and what a hot babe Naomi is. The chair is the perfect place for her to spread the legs open and show that fantastic pussy in full glory, and how good she looks dancing around in the clothes and naked. Love the naked shots of her from behind because what great legs and a fantastic ass she has. Sign her up for a whole other shoot while she is still in the business!

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I love this photoshoot! It has so much of what I want in a scene starting with a really hot model. Some of the best sequences here just have Naomi sitting with her legs wide open but not touching her pussy while she works her looks. And can she ever work it.

Some of the great stuff here:

Dancing with the headphones. She looks so good in the still photos, I hope you shot a masturbation video of her dancing with the headphones too. (Remember that totally hot one that Viktoria Sweet did?)

Naomi's almost see-through top goes great with the shorts. And it is perfect for pulling down off her wonderful tits. I'm really glad you put up so many shots where she has her legs spread out on the arms of the chair and her tits sticking out. You can see how much fun she is having exposing herself like that and playing with her lollypop.

The lollypop. A lollypop is a good toy only if the girl is interested in it, and some girls aren't. But Naomi does a totally sexy tease with it and really plays. She has a bunch of delightful and silly expressions while the lollypop is just sticking out of her pussy.

And then the metal speculum. Love that thing. First, it is just cool looking with that iridescent sheen: a big serious toy that is perfectly the ALS style of opening a girl up. Second, the metal speculum lets in lots of light and really exposes the cervix. You always get great full body shots with a clear view of the cervix. And you got some excellent ones of Naomi.

And some naked dancing at the end where Naomi is still having fun and looks just delicious.

I would have thought I'd want her Dreamcatcher scene as her first BTS video. But now I'm thinking that this one might be even better to have first. Anyway, more Naomi soon!

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Sorry to be contradictory, but, for myself, the beauty of a smooth box is the mound of Venus (and, of course, not looking like a wildebeest from the '70s); any shot with the metal speculum blocks said mons pubis - unless from above, and thus is much less enjoyable than with the plastic one. I'm not saying I can't enjoy the photos from the metal one, but I just find 'em to be in the way of the view I want to see more than not - to me it's more about her being held wide open than getting a good look at her cervix per se.

Secondarily, I just don't enjoy the lollipop - seems to have connotations I'm just not really comfortable with.

I apologize for the rant - no offense intended, just sharing my opinion.

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Nice to see more of the lovely Naomi!

I greatly prefer the plastic speculum (you can see more - no ifs, ands, or buts about it); if you're going to use the metal one, please make sure to get lots of shots from above so it doesn't block the view.

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