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Thanks for the remaster of this! What a toned little body Molly has, it's nice to be reminded...

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Outstanding! Molly has such an amazing smile. I loved the opening sequence of this set. #9 was particularly hot. Showing nothing, but hinting at everything. Great set!

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Molly is one of the best. Great to have this set remastered.

Yes, outstanding tease. Love the pink bathrobe.

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Yes, I meant to mention that I noticed this was remastered. Apparently some people have a problem with that. Not me, it gives me a chance to see some classics again, as well as some that I missed. Again, great set.

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And a lot more photos than the original release too.

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THAT's why it doesn't bother me a bit - and it's a great reminder of a beauty we haven't seen in a while. Remaster away, ALS - you've had a lot of INCREDIBLE sets over the years that few rational members would not like to be able to see more photos of (IMHO).

  • Alex
  • 11 months ago
  • 4

Thank you everybody and looking back at this set it reminded me of how we used baby oil more a few years back. Then we received quite a few customer comments saying that they did not like all the baby oil so we greatly slowed down using it. However I have to admit it certainly does make a model look hotter to me. This set highlights exactly what I am talking about. Comments? Thanks.

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Hey Alex,

I'm totally with you on the baby oil. And I like it best when the models put it on thick and get outrageously shinny.

As far as pleasing people with different tastes, this set might be a good guide. Molly doesn't break out the oil until #263. By then she has already done a lot of great posing and used the big floppy dildo. So that in itself would be a fine set.

So if you want to post photosets of more than 300 pictures (and I hope you do), then you could basically do a 2 for 1 approach. Have the model do a tease, then some spreading and lip pulling kind of poses, and then a toy. After that, pour on the oil. Then she can do some gaping poses (since her pussy lips are harder to pull when slippery) and a different toy. Maybe one toy opens her up like a speculum or Rocket, and the other toy stuffs her pussy like a bottle, markers, or a dildo (the glass dildos look great with oil).

Unless there are some people who particularly want long sequences of the oil being applied, you could keep that part fairly brief so your scenes don't end up taking lots of extra time to shoot.

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Totally agree with Fooly. Tease first, oil later in set.

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I just wanted to say I agree about the oil (I think it's really sexy when beautiful women are all shiny), and I'm all about the rocket & speculum (but I'm guessing that goes without saying...

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Top shelf. Hotest pussy. Heaps of personality and fun. Brilliant pulstating pussy when she cums .

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