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Those spreaders were frightening. Did you buy them off eBay from some gyno who retired after using them on about 1.000 pussies? I'm glad they're no longer in your toy chest.

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Started out thinking this would be a nice 8 set. Went along and thought OK definitely a 9. By the time I got to the end with the tongs and peeing, I had to give Liv a 10.

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we loving liv any time ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ;}~♥~{;

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Liv and nostalgia! Am I remembering correctly that Liv called you and you were concerned that she was calling to complain about her husband accessing your site - and instead she wanted to model? You'll notice several vids where she starts out with her wedding rings on and has to remove them for the fisting parts.

For any of you new members, check out her vids! Never watched a model that liked to masturbate so much on camera for us! Remember one in Budapest where she told Alex she wanted to masturbate again - not even scheduled. And the rocket video where she was supposed to get warmed up for the rocket and ended up cuming before she even started the rocket! Had to do a second shoot for the rocket!

She's been on a lot of other sites with BG pics ad vids. Any word on what she's up to now?

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Oh right, I had forgotten that that was Liv. What a cool story. Liv's biography is on her page. I only recently discovered that the old bios are on the models' pages. I wonder if this is a new addition, or did I just not notice them before. Anyway, I'm glad they are available since I thought they had been lost when ALS moved.

DMurley, who was the girl in Budapest who wanted to do another masturbation? I don't remember that but would like to check it out.

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You shot so many great sets with Liv, it's nice to see them getting remastered. And besides doing these "Tie Dye" photos, I'm glad you also did the "Quick Reprieve" pee photos.

Liv is such a cutie. And she has small tits, nice nipples, and a wonderful pussy--perfect for ALS Scan!

Nice tease with the panties she does at the start. And I like that she keeps the shoes and socks on the whole time.

The sequence where the mysterious female assistant is cranking Liv's pussy open with the kitchen tongs is very hot. Liv was game for a good gape! These huge tongs are one of your old-time toys that you ought to bring back. If you are going to be serious about opening up pussies, then this is a dramatic way to do it. I love the look.

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Agree about the tongs. Very Hot!

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Oh I wish we had a vote to have reshoots of models from way back win (only if they are willing , provided they didn't get implanted with balloons.. She'd be up near the top for me.. (Sandra Shine would be up there too) and age ain't nothing but a number if Monica Bellucci can still tease the fuck out of us fairly sure so can models and again only if they are willing but thats not up to me or them either. But as hardcore as Liv got it was her ALS Sets that were her best and she was full of smiles that one :O

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Not sure how old this set is, but what a body!! Absolutely beautiful, near flawless skin.

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I'm gointo to assume it's pre 2007 but after 2001. Probably have the originals downloaded, and thats part of the problem with the new watermarks. At least with ALS Angels they leave the date but these they don't, but they leave in what age they are now O_O which is okay with me but probably not with females because as one model told me never say their age out loud :O I can. :P I"m almost 42 in September and yeah time is flying.. Love Petite's. Thats ALS Scan :D

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