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pic 247 is awesome how she swings with the weights clamped to her pussy lips. Would be great to see a video of this shoot.

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hope there is a video it is so hot how she swings with the weights hanging on her pussy. Would be lovely to see this in a video.

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How is it that this set is not 10s across the board?! Spectacular set!

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Saw the title "Short Shorts Long Lips" and knew we were going to get a spectacular and enthusiastic tease from Lilly Ford. And it is a hot tease, but not a hide-the-pussy kind of tease--short shorts are no match for Lilly's big long lips. In the very first frame Lilly has her shorts pulled to the side and her pussy out because she starts this set with a fully clothed, standing, gushing, peeing session outdoors. It's a great sequence and an interesting change.

Lilly moves inside and right away it is clear how excited she is to give us a great show and how much fun she is going to have in this tease. My favorite here is #45 with her arms on the back of the couch and her legs wide in the splits. Lilly's pussy lips have already overwhelmed the poor short shorts and are hanging out just like we all (Lilly included) like them.

This has got to be one of the cleverest outfits. I had noticed that in some of the other scenes Lilly had matching polka dots painted on her finger and toe nails, but it was a trip to discover that the nail paint was a perfect copy of her cute polka dot sneakers. Lilly goes all in on the fun.

I appreciate that it is not until halfway through this nice long set that Lilly is finally fully naked. She gives us lots of great poses and short sequences, so it nice to have all these pics and to get to see so much of her personality. For instance, she flashes her tits. So we get the conventional tit flashing shot, #66. (Great tits!) And then we get tit flashing Lilly style, #69. (Yeah, baby!)

Once she takes her top off, Lilly holds her arms up and then levitates out of pure glee. (Really, have a look, #147.) If she had taken the shorts off too, she probably would have just floated away.

Between two sets of backbends, Lilly takes a break--I love her legs up pose in #189. Then after the back bends, we get #199 which is a showcase for her looong pussy lips. Wow.

Speaking of her long lips (and how can we not?) next up is the hanging weights. That's a toy that I like, but usually it doesn't seem particularly impressive. Lilly makes it spectacular. My favorite might be #203 where she is legs wide and pulling the tips of her hair.

I love the rear shots where she reaches back to spread her lips. And just two weeks ago on Alexis Crystal's set, I was suggesting that you should shoot more shots of the girls looking back through their spread legs, so here we have Lilly doing that while still wearing the weights. #224 is great.

Many of the girls are very careful when they move around with the weights on. But Lilly can tie her pussy lips in a knot, so she's game for some good lip pulling and gets the weights swinging all over the place. Isn't it wonderful that the girl who has this amazing pussy also takes such delight in playing with it? She just goes crazy.

She has lots of fun fisting herself too. Very hot shots at the end in the doggie pose, too. She reaches in and, as Jen says, "hooks her pussy and pulls up". Lilly gets a big gape. In #288, we can see right up her pussy. And then #289 is a beautiful butterfly.

With the spreaders, I'm glad you came around to shoot over her shoulders. #324 showing us Lilly's view is really hot. And you got a couple of her looking up at the camera. In #327, she licks her lips.

I love no hands shots, and love when the girls hold their legs up and open. So put those together with the spreader and you get a shot like #348. Wow that's hot.

We got five photosets from Lilly now, but only one BTS so far. I hope you get another BTS out soon. This might be a really good one, but I bet they all will be great.

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This fucking shoot is awesome af.

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one of just 2-3 ladies out there with lips of Gold. The way they wrap around a Sybian is a site to see :O (faint)

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