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Much if not most of this layout is focused on the "female correct position", legs spread, feet up high and wide, ready to receive cock!

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yeah mate.....just how we like 'em!!!

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Outstanding! Loved the nipples through the dress. Loved the Dreamcatcher. Loved the peeing. Loved it all!

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Lily Ford has freakishly generous and gnarly labia, which I love. So glad she came to ALS to share them with us. Just once I'd like to see her look aroused.

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What a perfect outfit for Lilly Ford--a tight fitting dress full of large holes! So her tits stick through a couple of holes, and when she bends over, we see her pussy through another hole. This is a dress for a hottie who loves to tease and show off her body, and Lilly is enjoying it to the max.

I love the sequence starting at #63 where Lilly is backwards on the chair and we can see how far her pussy lips hang down. She's got a wide thigh gap so we get a great view, but I bet if you had told her that she would be even more exposed with her knees up on the arms of the chair, then she would have eagerly done it.

There are good sequences where Lilly is sitting with no hands on her pussy. I like the ones starting at #91 where she has her hands over her head and is giving us various looks. But even better shots start at #126 when she has bunched her dress up at her waist and she is holding her legs up and open with her hands. #126 is really hot, and so is #128. The closeup #127 shows just how big and glorious her butterfly is. Wow.

The BTS videos show that sometimes it is hard to get the girls to stand straight and face the camera since they want to keep rocking from one hip to the other hip. I'm glad that you got the straight on and legs parted shots #142-145. (Shooting from just above belly button height was good; shooting from pussy height might have been even better.) These show the wondrous way her pussy lips dangle. Lilly has great expressions in these shots too.

Good rear spreading and bend over shots. But you missed the chance to have Lilly bend all the way over and look back at us through her legs. I love that pose particularly when the girl spreads her legs wider. (Lilly is really flexible, but she couldn't stand in a wide stance in those high heels--that's one reason I'm not so fond of such shoes.)

It's a good long Dreamcatcher sequence with lots of great shots especially with the bottle. Again, the overhead shot (#225) is one of my favorites. I'd like to see more of those and also shots from above her shoulder that show us what Lilly's view is like.

Excellent peeing at the end. I like that she is up on the stairs. What she said in the interview is true--she can really shoot.

Such a great time with Lilly. Wonderful set!

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ALS, you read my mind. I can't get enough of Lilly, her playfulness, or her voluptuous labia. Thank you for exploring her from so many angles. Lilly, you are special and your bulbous clitoris is oh so inviting.

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LOVE me some stand-up clitoris, and Lilly is beautiful and a welcome addition to the site - we appreciate you sharing your beauty with us!

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I knew there was a beautiful clit hidden deep inside all that meat! I'm pleased the Lilly pulled back her gorgeous hood to prove my suspicion. Mmm Mmm good.

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Oh to play with her tied out labia :O Never thought I'd say that..Never change that!

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