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This set is incredible , damn if only there was a bts video, I think I'd die!

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WOW !!!!!!!!

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Great feedback from everyone, thank you.

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I've noticed there are specific models who never do dreamcatcher sets. I assume this is because they refuse to. I also assume this decision certainly isn't because they're afraid of exposing their pussy - It's because they know the difference between erotic and rediculous.

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While every model has the right to refuse a toy they are uncomfortable with, no model has ever explicitly refused to try the Dreamcatcher. In fact, our models have always found it to be one of our most amusing toys. Even if they did not find it erotic themselves, they are professionals that respect the widely varied tastes of their fans and always aim to please.

Since the Dreamcatcher is one of the more recent toys dreamed up by ALS over the years, chances are any model you have not seen use it was most likely shot before its inception or has not yet had their Dreamcatcher scene released.

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Great set. It's cool to get another "rocker girl" scene. And the red wall fits well with the theme.

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No complaints here. Nice set.

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It's one of the best sets! Nice to see a beautiful model without tattoos?

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I'm not a fan of the dream catcher at all but there seems to be enough people who are so l get the use of it
Having said that to have it used in 100 pictures in a 280 picture set is a bit excessive
I would have loved to seen many of the same shots without the dream catcher.
Alex, a little balance please.

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We appreciate your perspective, but may I pose the question: how many of our competitors even release sets of 180 (280-100) or more pictures on a regular basis? The cost for us to do so is justified by knowing our sets offers a spectrum from glamorous to hardcore that suits different tastes. If all the Dreamcatcher images were deleted, this set is still a good value for fans of Kimmy. :)

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I'm with Dreamcatcherfan here. (And he even crunched the numbers--a true fan indeed.) The Dreamcatcher is one of my favorite toys and I hope that every model who is willing to try it does a set with it. That still leaves most of the sets with the other toys as Dcf points out.

I also agree that the sets that use the Dreamcatcher should have lots of shots of it: a third of the pictures is not too many. Sets with the rocket should have lots of rocket pics, and so on.

Every now and then Alex has put up a masturbation video where the girl has opened herself up with the spreaders or speculum and talked to the camera about how exposed she was. These are really hot videos. I'd like to see some masturbation videos with the dreamcatcher,

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Personally, I prefer just hand spreads, but any means to an end.... I do love it when the girls talk to the camera (to me!) while they display themselves! Fucking hot!!

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No, no! The opposite is true: From July to October (including) seven out of 61 photo sets were Dreamcatcher sets. This is only 11.5%. With in average less than two Dreamcatcher sets a month no one can complain about an unbalanced flood of Dreamcatcher pics, even if in those sets all full of Catchers. It's not excessive - there is room for more Catcher sets!

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