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Garbage! The photographer doesn't own or know how to use a tripod. You never see the background move on TV or in a movie unless the camera is panning or following action. Not in this shoot, though. The camera moves while the subjects remain fairly still. This makes the background move. THAT is a BIG no - no!

This site has proven itself to be one of the very worst I've ever seen! Lighting is flat. The camera moves. The girls for the most part aren't pretty. Some of the videos are more like documentaries of how to NOT make a shoot. These aren't sexy. You hear a camera clicking away and see a flash going off and again, the background is moving.

This site is a JOKE!

Lookit! HOLD THE CAMERA STILL. Put it on a tripod and let the gals make the action. Don't allow the camera to make the action. Let your actors do it. NEVER tilt the camera. Never TWIST the camera. Light with three lights on stands, so that the drama is in the lighting.

This place is full of amateurs in every single respect. Even navigation on this site is terrible.

BTW, please define low resolution, medium res, and high res. People want to know what SIZE they are, not their resolution.

Damn! This place is run by morons!

Jeeze... well, I can't speak for all the other lowbrow subscribers of this site but in my case I suppose ignorance is bliss. If it makes you feel better, my nickname in college was "tripod".

Speaking of jokes: How many self-inflated, narrow minded, wannabe photophile-slash-critics does it take to learn how to properly spell the word "connoisseur"?

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Wow, so very many rules. And some are even those extra special very loud ALL CAP rules. I, for one, am glad that xSexConnosieur will never be invited onto the set of an ALS shoot.

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Wonderful scene! Zazie and Kiara in a girl girl. And not only do we get these two hotties, but it is a scene full of pussy licking, and scissoring, and the double dildo. Excellent choices! Those are my favorite girl girl actions.

So much pussy licking in this one, I'm really impressed. And it is nice progression of sequences too. First, Kiara takes Zazie's clothes off and licks her pussy while Zazie is standing. I like that Kiara keeps her own lingerie on (nice panties but rather plain bra). Then Zazie undresses Kiara. But before the pussy licking resumes, we get shots of the two girls side-by-side facing the camera on their knees with their legs open. Zazie has great pussy lips--particularly once they are warmed up! I like the last shot, #102.

And back to pussy licking with the girls laying down on that great big comfy couch. We get great views of Zazie's pussy while she licks Kiara's. That's well shot. Then the best part of a pussy licking scene--69! And a long sequence too. You got a nice shot of both girl's faces where we can still see what Zazie is doing (#123). I love when a girl looks up at the camera from a 69 with a mischievous "see what we are doing" look. Both girls give us one. Zazie, #117-118. Kiara, #125. (And then Kiara wraps her arms around her so sexy.) And in the final bit of the 69, Kiara pulls Zazie's pussy open for even better access. Very hot.

Wasn't planning on mentioning the kissing, but they do some great kissing with lots of tongue while Kiara has her feet pulled up so her pussy is on full display.

But the scene's still not over. They move on to some good scissoring and then the double dildo. That's a great pose where they are propping each others feet up. This is a nice long sequence, and I like that they roll over and also pose doggie. (What would have been really hot is to have the girls roll over one at a time so that you could get shots of one girl on her back and the other doggie. I wish you shot that pose more often, it's really good.)

And more tongue kissing at the end! What a great scene!

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I've noticed that there are not many BTS videos of scenes like this. There are some girl girl of the assistant fisting the main model, but few that are focused on full on girl girl action with pussy licking, scissoring, and a double dildo. I'd sure like more.

All the BTS with Kiara as assistant have been great, Zazie is stunning, and this scene has fantastic girl girl action. So is there any chance this could be Zazie's first BTS? I bet it is really good.

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Just wanted to say that Zazie rocks my world - absolutely top shelf gorgeous!

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