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Lovely! Mai is my current favorite. BTW, I think every penetration sequence ,dildo or B/G, should be followed by a gaping pullout sequence. Video, too!

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"Pretty severely awesome, for sure..."

Well, Dogatonic has that absolutely right. And likewise, my only complaints would be I want even more of this great stuff. So yeah, fabulous set even at "only" 237 photos.

Mia is my favorite from this Euro trip, and Kiara is a great assistant, so this is very well cast. I like everything in this set, I like the order it is shot, and most important, I like how the girls do it all.

First up, great outfits. Kiara's is especially sexy with the shoelace ties on the side of her pink shorts and the lacy fringe on her top. The girls are having so much fun with their selfies that it is a really hot tease. Kissing: #11. Undressing: #15. Can the selfie shots be linked on this or Mia's page somehow?

Excellent that Mia's shorts come off first. And then Kiara eats her pussy before any more clothing is removed. Ready, Mia? #32. Feels good? #38.

Next off is Mia's top. I always love the big exposure vibe from having a fully naked model with a fully clothed assistant. And it is all the better when the assistant is dressed like Kiara is. Can't beat this superhot shot with tongue kissing and fondling Mia's amazing pussy: #50.

More selfies once both girls are naked. And with more tongue: #85. Hope we see these selfies soon.

Now that they are both naked and ready for action, I like that they did scissoring first. It's a great sequence where they keep going back and forth between grinding and pulling back so we can see that Mia's big pussy lips are open: #99. At the end they both give the camera a great look: #109.

From scissoring they move on to another of my most favorite things: 69. That first shot, #113, is so hot with Mia's tongue out and in action. And Mia looking up at camera, #125, is pretty killer too. Excellent sequence. Would have been even more excellent if it was twice as long. Loved the mutual nipple sucking they did at the end. And that would have been even better if Mia's arm didn't block her face.

And from 69 they move on to my favorite girl-girl toy: double dildo. This is a good long sequence with lots of great pictures. I like where they are cupping their tits, looking at each other: #182, and at the camera: #183. And I like where they each put a foot up:#184. You ought to shoot a double dildo pose where the girls put both feet up like that. It would be very hot.

Doggie style double dildo is another unbeatable pose. And you almost always get a great shot of both girls looking at the camera with "see how we are fucking" grins. And you got an excellent one this time: #206.

Finally, to cap off the awesomeness of this most awesome set, we get closing shots of both girls sitting side by side with their legs wide open. Laughing: #229, kissing with a little tongue: #232, kissing with lots of tongue: #234. Pussies and tongues--life is good.

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Hope we get the video (and selfies) soon.

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Pretty severely awesome, for sure...

My perspective could gripe about the dildo coming out too fast, but SO much of this set was pure gold that I'd feel like a jerk doing it too much. More lesbians, or, better yet, more than more!

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Oh yeah, more girl-girl with more tongue kissing, more pussy licking and more than double the 69!

And more double dildo. So how about double dildo while both girls are wearing Dreamcatchers? That would be instant classic hotness ALS style. For sure.

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So how about double dildo while both girls are wearing Dreamcatchers and peeing on each other while Freda Von Doom shoves Sharpies up their asses and Gina Gerson successfully angles her way through all these obstacles to lick everyone's pussy simultaneously?

THAT would be a real instant classic hotness ALS style.


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About as good as it gets.

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