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9.4? How about 11!

First, and truly foremost, unbelievably hot set, guys!

I feel guilty about the tiny nitpicking I'm about to do (splitting hairless, if you will), but I would love to see more eye contact between the models (especially when they are kissing - for some reason that drives me crazy), and I always wish for lots of "hands-off" shots when using the speculum, rocket, etc. But these are tiny observations on what is an incredible set.

Great work guys, and WELCOME TO ALS, MIA EVANS - WE LOVE YOU!

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Yeah, this is a really great set, so I take those comments not so much as a criticism of this one but as general advice about what there should be more of in shoots.

So taken that way, I agree with both these ideas. Or, actually, I would suggest just a bit more on eye contact. Yes, I'd like more eye contact between girls particularly when they are really close--kissing, but also when they have their foreheads pressed together or the like. But I also really like one or both to occasionally look over at the camera as if to say, "hi there! See what we are doing?" Get the girls deeply involved with each other, and then have them acknowledge that they are being watched. That's a great mix.

And I'm entirely on board with the idea of more no hands shots. It is so totally hot when these beautiful shaved ALS girls just have something sticking out of their pussies--speculum, Sharpies, or any of the toys. So more no hands shots from different angles and in different poses would make great sets even better.

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I wish more girls would address the camera in video. A little smiling "Hi there, I'll bet you'd like to FUCK ME" while gaping for the camera would slay! Great set. Thanks Mia!

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Glad you completely took it the right way FC, and I sincerely hope the staff heard us!

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Mia is a fantastic addition to the site! WOW!!!!!!

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Mia Evans! She is just amazingly beautiful. She's got the body, the looks, wow oh wow.

This starts with a good tease, and I like how Mia alternates between pulling her dress up and pulling it down to show either her pussy or her tits.

One of my favorite poses is when a model gets up on the arms of a chair doggie style. I still think the color of this chair is a bit weird next to skin, but its design is perfect for this pose. The chair looks very comfy and the "arms" are really just soft pillows. Best of all, they are far apart so that Mia spreads her legs really wide in this pose. What a hot sequence. And what a pussy! Mia gets a really hot gape just by pulling her butt cheeks apart (like #77 thumbnails, so good). Then after she stops spreading, her lips stay slightly parted so there are more good pictures where she looks back at the camera (particularly #84).

When a girl has such a fine pussy, it's great to have a lip pulling sequence. This one is excellent and not only because Mia is so hot. I also really like that Kiara gets upside down in that comfy chair so that Mia can straddle her head while getting her lips pulled. Then Kiara stays put and moves right into licking Mia's pussy from the same pose. All that is very very good.

But after that there is an outstanding follow-on when Mia takes over Kiara's spot on the chair and Kiara gets up to gape her. This piledriver gaping is another of my favorite poses. Mia looks happy and relaxed to be flipped up like this so exposed and having her pussy played with.

I also really the final few photos after she has taken the speculum out. Mia is all smiles and her well worked pussy is staying open in a beautiful butterfly spread. (#219 with her legs up)

Thanks for shooting such a beautiful model and for getting her released so quick. I'm certainly awaiting whatever is next from this delightful girl.

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Wow. If Mia Evans isn't the perfect female body, she is about as close as it gets. Great find. This is not only the best set I've eve seen on ALS, it's one of the best I've ever seen anywhere. Great work to all involved, keeping in mind you can't have a great set without starting with a great model.

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