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One of the best pee scenes! Please more girls going bottomless with cute shirts peeing while standing, this set was great!

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Shoots with peeing are some of my favorites, but I prefer it to come layer in shoot after some teasing. Nonetheless, good job.

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Yes, I really like the peeing scenes too. I agree that usually the peeing should come at the end or in the middle. But as an occasional change of pace, I do like that the peeing can be first.

If I remember what Alex said on the blog, this scene was at the end of the day. So if they did the indoor part first, it might have been getting dark before they got out for the peeing. Still, if the light and everything had worked out. I would have like the indoor part shot first and the peeing scene shot at the end with Kiara wearing the crotchless panties while she peed.

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Wow - great set !!
Video coming soon ?

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I hope so.

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We were just told that Kiara Cole was the assistant during the Czech trip and now here she is in the crotchless panties and hammock chair scene I've been waiting for. That's all great Kiara news.

This is such a wonderful set. Everything work so well together. So right from start we have Kiara using pink chalk that matches her outfit to draw a big target to pee on. It's a great pee sequence. I like that Kiara is standing, and the target is a fun idea too. I kind of wish that she had peed through the crotchless panties since that would have been very hot, but I suppose you didn't want them to get wet since you hadn't done the indoor scene yet.

The crotchless panties are super sexy so I'm glad that Kiara wore them for most of the indoor shot and didn't take them off until after she was done with the Rocket. And it's perfect that her panties and crop top are pink since they go so well with the blues and pinks in the room. I've been looking forward to that hammock chair, but now that we have the whole set, I like the room overall--another plus for this new location. The hammock chair is cool. Can you do piledriver in it?

Good that Kiara did both some finger gaping and the Rocket while wearing the crotchless panties. Those are excellent, no hands, full body, shots you got with the Rocket. I like these best when you are far enough back that you can get both her face and her cervix in focus. My favorite is #141 with her hands above her head. Kiara certainly didn't need to hold the Rocket to keep it in her pussy, but did you consider having her put the straps of the panties up on top of the tabs of the Rocket? That might have been good. Could do some standing shots that way too.

Not many crew shots, but they are very good. I think it's great when you can do shots from behind the crew, and that first one (#148) has the extra bonus that we can see on the video camera screen that he is zoomed in on Kiara's cervix. I also the one from the side (#150) where Kiara is giving us this great look while that video camera is up between her legs.

Kiara does a wonderful doggie pose in #191 with not just tits but tits and belly low with her ass up high. Love that reverse arch that she gets in her back. And shortly after that there are some shots where Kiara has her upper body propped up, #197-200. You had similar ones with Emily Willis. I think this is an excellent pose for girls who can give a range of great looks like both Kiara and Emily can.

In the doggie fisting shot #215, Kiara reminds me quite a lot of Kennedy. That's even the sort of expression Kennedy did.

This is a top notch set, so this would also be my top pick for Kiara's first BTS release.

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