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A little didappointing. Mainly because she hardly ever smiled. This always makes me wonder if the model is enjoying herself. Also the backdrop was kinda silly. Nevertheless, ALS is still a great site.

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I don´t know if I fully agree with Sargon in this. I find this scene with Tera Link super sexy. Being very turned on, and enjoying oneself immensely, does not necessarily means that you will smile. There might be an erotic self-awareness to a situation beyond smiles. I sometimes find it more distracting seeing a model obviously forcing a smile for the benefit of the photographer, when there already seems to be a whole lot of enjoyable things going on.

Furthermore, using a backdrop is as vintage as taking nude photos of women in front of it. It IS nude photography, in a very classical sense. And if you don´t have the light or the setting for outdoor shooting, you might just as well stage an indoor shoot in that classic way.
Mind you; what would have been really cool, would be shooting an ALSscan scene, with the usual toys and not a pubic hair in sight, but done (with a modern camera) in vintage erotic clothes (or lack thereof) in front of a backdrop in the 1890´s or early 1900´s. The point wouldn't be to make everything as authentic as can be, but rather to play a little with the erotic aesthetics of that area.

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I see your points and agree, for the most part. Forced smiles don't cut it for me, either, and I think you can usually smile. It also understand that not smiling does not necessarily mean the model is not enjoying herrself. It might be a conscious choice on her part, or perhaps Alex is going for a particular look throughout the set. So, you're certainly right. It's just that the first impression I usually come away with is that she's not enjoying the shoot.

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Tera Link is awesome! Thank you for this set!

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