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At the end of the video Kelsey announces:

"I feel like I'm officially stretched."

Yes, Kelsey, that's exactly right. There is no more official stretching than having your pussy cranked wide open by the big metal speculum. And we want to thank you for sharing the experience with us.

I had high hopes for Kelsey's BTS. She has a cute face and a smoking hot body. Add in her low key but friendly persona, and we get a very good, fully ALS, video. Wonderful.

When the speculum has Kelsey's pussy wide open, she says that she wants to see in. But all you can offer her is to show her pictures later. That's rather lame. If you had the laptop with the pussy cam wand up and running, then you could have given her a look right away. And that would have given all the rest of us a chance to see what she thought about the view up her pussy. You guys really ought to do this!

And a final really nice plus to this video: This is a delightful instantiation of the ongoing Jen and Alex show. As we all know, Jen is an expert at opening up pussies and centering the cervix. She's not going to take any shit. Nor should she, she's the expert. Gotta love ALS.

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Apropos Kelsey feeling like she's "officially stretched", those onscreen comments when a model for the first time is trying out a new thing like the speculum, the ALS rocket, the dreamcatcher or the retractor (spreaders) as an ALSscan toy, are really really hot. Yes! Gotta love ALS.

I think this has been pointed out before, but a really interesting setup for a scene would involve a talkative model willing to "stretch out" with all of these toys, one after another, in order to provide us with some really good insights as well as her onscreen comments to each toy. :)

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Yes, we have both promoted this idea before. But if we keep talking about it, we might motivate ALS to give it a go a few times to see if it works out. Unlike some ideas for a hot scene that require two or more girls or a special setting, this idea should be easy to shoot at any time. So the key is finding the right girls to try it.

You are right that it should be someone willing to talk, but that could include a lot of different personal styles. On one extreme, you could have Ivy Wolfe or Lilly Ford. You could be sure that they would be more than just talkative and would give an exuberant show which could be very fun. Lilly would probably wear herself out with non-stop laughing.

Someone who is certainly lower key than that, but who I think would be very good is Aurora Zvezda. She's got those sly knowing looks and such a sexy voice. Or for someone who is just very open and good natured, Harley Jameson.

But of the most recent girls, I think that Emily Willis might be the best American. She would be hot. And of the Europeans, Talia Mint should be perfect.

Two final comments on this idea. First, this might be something that would be good to shoot in the "integrated" photo/video style that we just saw with Faye Runaway's "Fashion Show". You could give her that forked clit vibrator so that she could play with herself a little bit with each insertion. And second, it would great if the girl had the pussy cam wand so that she could see how all these toys opened her up and could let us know what she thought.

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Wow! This is smoking hot. Kelsey Kage is smoking hot. Not to mention; Kelsey with a smile and a big nice metal speculum is through the roof hot. Great BTS video. :)


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