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A great girl girl set. Putting Lola with Katy is certainly going blonde on blonde. It works, they look good together. They are wearing nice outfits, and I like their sandals and flip flops--hanging out on a warm summer day. The best thing, of course, is the dresses are short and neither girl has panties.

This is not a set with a long tease and slow reveal--both girls spread their legs right away. Since she seems to really enjoy being exposed, it's no surprise that Katy spreads the widest. Shots #7-9 are just wonderfully hot. Indescribably hot, really. But having two beautiful girls showing off their pussies like this is more than twice as hot as only one. (It reminds me of the spectacular scene with Faye and Isabella, "Flashing Baltimore", where they did lots of amazing upskirts like this.) #9 with both girls looking at the camera is the best.

With that love of exposing herself, it's also no surprise that Katy quickly hops up on the table into a doggie pose. Perhaps she just wants to kiss Lola and share her lolipop, but it looks like she wants to stick her ass high in the air in case Lola wants to play with her pussy. Lola does.

I'm always asking for more pussy licking in the girl girl sets, and here is a set that has lots. It would be even better with some 69, but even with out, it has lots of great shots. The best sequence is the long one of Lola licking Katy in the doggie pose while Katy licks the lolipop. When Lola stops licking, we get two wonderful shots, #35 and #36: in the first one, Lola looks at Katy and licks her finger, in the second one both girls look at the camera with that "you know what's coming next look". And yes, we get a great sequence of Lola fingering Katy's pussy. I love #43 when Lola looks at the camera again.

But Lola's not done licking pussy yet! She flips Katy over, spreads her legs, and licks her from the front. These are really good too. But with Lola's dress pulled up on her hips, you ought to have gotten a few good shots of her pussy somewhere along here. After licking her for a bit, Lola switches to putting the lolipop in Katy's pussy. Here's another case where mixing the action together would be really sexy. Lola ought to go back and forth between licking Katy's pussy and putting the lolipop in it. If the candy is making a sweet gooey mess with her pussy juices, isn't that perfect for lapping up?

Anyway, I really like that the girls have done all this without either dress coming off. But they strip off now so that Katy can lick Lola. This is more excellent pussy licking with a few hot closeups too. I wish Lola had flopped back onto the table at some point.

Then the girls do a really hot scissor session. I love scissoring. I'm glad you shot the closeups from Lola's side so that we get such a good view as Katy rubs her long pussy lips up and down Lola's pussy. Plenty of full body shots too where the girls have great expressions.

While Lola is off to get the toys, Katy tosses the cards in the air and gives us wonderful looks from high exposure poses. Did you do Katy's interview with her naked and legs spread? I think she would have enjoyed doing it that way. (And masturbating after, of course.)

Lola shows up with the strap-on which is not my favorite girl girl toy--I like the double dildo a lot better. But then Lola takes the strap-on off. She also brought a glass dildo which is one of my favorite toys. So Katy gets to fuck Lola with the glass dildo. She then kisses her at the same time and licks her clit too. So that is a fantastic way to end this wonderful set.

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i would love to play (and willingly lose) strip poker with these two beauties!!

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