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what a good idea a cunt pen holder wow lovely

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I like Kate Sin's looks and physique but most of the photos with her stuffing , or having things stuffed in her vagina, do nothing for me. I just want to see her unobstructed Labia and vagina,... and that goes for all the other girls too. What guy gets turned on by all those cervix photos? ! .. or pulling knickers out of their vagina? Is this a peculiar fetish of the photographers?

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Instead of repeating this same complaint over and over, you ought to just read some of the comments. If you did, you would discover that the answer to your question is that these toys are extremely popular with ALS members. The Dreamcatcher and marker pens that Kate is using here are two of my favorite toys.

So quit whining and just look at the pictures you like and ignore those other pictures that the rest of us like.

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There is nothing to add. Right, right, Fooly my friend.

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Great set!

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Kate and Lola is a great combo

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I agree with trying to include something for well, many, tastes, but personally I don't care about butts and, more than that, I find men in the scenes makes 'em a complete write-off. I feel, if you must do scenes with a man in 'em, I would greatly appreciate at least 20 to 30% of the photos to be with just the beauty - and not the beast... But again, tastes are personal.

I think Kate is stunning, and she really knows how to give a sexy look!

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The best thing about this set is Lola. :-p

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Four pictures in the entire set with full shots of her gorgeous tight ass. Come on, at least make an attempt to satisfy those of us who enjoy shots from the back. I'm sure this set will drive the dream catcher fans wild but for some of us it's another missed opportunity for you to give us all of a model not just their tits and pussy. You missed the boat on this set

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Don't hold your breath. They can't even bother to make sure the model is completely naked in half or more of the sets these days. Asses aren't my thing,but I can appreciate it is some peoples, so they should make sure to capture all of the female form. Me, I'm a leg/feet man. All they have to do to keep people like me happy is, take the damn shoes off early on in the set, like every other adult site does these days. Friendly suggestions don't matter, nor do outright complaints, it seems. I cancelled my subscription as a result, but I've got a few months left on the sub so I peek in. Once again, disappointed. I'd suggest shopping elsewhere, myself -- there's no shortage of content on the internet, and while I quite enjoy their style, if they can't be bothered to listen to the dwindling base of people who will actually pay for content, than why bother lining their coffers? My 2 cents.

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The suggestions and complaints of all our members matter to us. We have been making a more diligent effort to remove the model's shoes but in some cases they look better on the model through out the set. Some member's even like the shoes to stay on. Take a look through the Director's blog at the latest shoots. You will see that the models have been taking off their shoes in about 50% or more of the sets. I'm sorry you felt the need to cancel your subscription but trying to please everyone is damn near impossible.

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I agree with Fooly Cooly, Kate is superb in the dreamcatcher with her beautiful pussy lips opened up to allow us to see inside. Kate is truly a wonderful addition to alsscan. Keep up the good work and I will be around a long time. Bravo

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Start with a small complaint: I don't like high heels generally and particularly not off pavement where if you don't break the shoe, you just might do worse and break your ankle. What I will say in favor of the shoes is that they match that nice little black dress and the black glasses frame. But too bad Kate didn't kick off the shoes when she took off the dress.

Everything else about the set gets a big compliment. The no panties sequence at the start is great with Kate looking yummy as she pulls up that sexy dress to show her pussy and ass. Then she moves on to some good lip pulling. And doing marker insertions while wearing the Dreamcatcher is really hot.

Finally, Alex seems to always stress about clouds. But I like having some sets like this one too. Low angle sun with baby oil is certainly sexy. But so too is midday, no oil, and soft light.

Well done.

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Here here to the shoes. For artistic / eroticism, sure, start out with them. But take. Them. Off.

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