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I Would bring this girl back and do 2or3 more shoots not to often gonna find a girl as hot as Emma Scarlett !!!!

I Call her Emma because that's her Name and it sounds better to me this girl has it all nice personality
and a hot body and i could only imagine how well that pussy tastes .

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I wanted to add some comments about things that I really liked in this scene:

This is one of the best sets using selfies that is on ALS. Ivy does a great tease as she is taking pictures of herself. It looks like she took a lot. If they came out pretty good, would you consider releasing a big batch of them as a bonus Ivy set instead of just putting a few on the blog? Maybe do that the same time that you release the BTS?

Several shots during her tease stood out for me. I like #6 which is an intense look with a finger in her mouth. I really like her pink jeans shorts. When you look at her standing from the front, it's not obvious how short her shorts are. But in the doggie shots (#9-11), we see that there is not much more than just the seam and some fringes. Certainly ALS style shorts!

And then pretty soon she has pulled her shirt up to take some pictures of her sexy nipples. The best of these are when she starts playing with her shorts too. I always love the pictures where the girls are pulling their pants down either a bit to give a glimpse of the top of their pussy or all the way down on to their thighs. Ivy goes for the little peek. Two favorites are #23 with her tongue out, and #26 with a funny pout.

After she takes her shorts off, Ivy pulls her top up again and takes more selfies. #54 is hot.

It's really cool how much Ivy did with the piledriver pose. It looks like she had a blast with the exposure of sticking her pussy up in the air since she is laughing like crazy in so many of the shots. My favorite, though, might be #80 with her looking at the camera with big eyes.

I like profile doggie shots, and you got a couple of great ones in #118 and #119. First Ivy is maybe taking another selfie, and then she looks at us with a big laugh. I love that she really has her back curved sharp, and this also is a wonderful view of her nipple. After these two shots you move around far enough to see her pussy too. Really glad you did that, those shots are hot.

Then finally there is the long Rocket sequence with several poses. Great to see that she did piledriver again with the Rocket. Lots of good pictures there. And I think the doggie pose is even better. I just love that first profile shot, #216. We can see only the slightest hint of the Rocket, and Ivy has a priceless look. Wow.

The full body shots where she is looking back at us and we can see up the Rocket to her cervix are very hot. My favorite is #222 with her finger on her asshole.

Pouring water in the Rocket was cool. Ivy has a great look in #234. Why didn't you do the water with her in piledriver? You could have filled her all the way up.

This is another BTS that I'm looking forward to.

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I have a new favorite! Ivy is long and lovely! Bare footed & wide open, too. But the best part of this set is Ivy's exuberance! She engages the camera with a sexual enthusiasm that most girls do not. I can't wait for the BTS that is surely coming. Love ya, Ivy!

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THANK YOU for using the rocket in more than the ever-same lying-on-the-back-pose this time! :)

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Awesome ALS Rocket/Cervix set ... I gave Ivy, the set itself, and several of the pics in it a 10 rating!!! I love Ivy's beautiful cervix and her poses, and by the way, she was using the largest of the 3 differently sized Rockets wasn't she?

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Speaking of different Rocket size, or indeed specula size: In the same way the measuring dildo is sexy in a very kinky way, it sometimes would be kind of sexy if this size is specified. Not least, because it really makes a difference when it comes to the whole experience.
On the other hand, I fully appreciate the fact that each girl is different and really only have fun within her own limits, so that "what" always will be more interesting than "what size".

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Wow, every time I clicked on the next page of photos this set just kept getting better and better. Thanks to everyone involved. This is awesome.

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With that body, expressive face and playfulness, with that class of camerawork and a hefty ALS Rocket, in my opinion Ivy Wolfe is just about the ultimate ALS Rocket Girl. Wow! Without much doubt, this has to be one of the best rocket scene I have seen so far. Just about everything works in this set. The fantastic playful attitude and naked beauty of Ivy, the nice build up of the whole scene, and a long anticipated variety of photo angles, position and stunts involving the ALS rocket, makes this pure magic. I really look forward to see more of Ivy Wolfe!

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Here's Ivy and her super sexy nipples. And she's having a wonderful time sharing them with us. She has a fine pussy too. Looks like she loves to flip upside down and stick that pussy up in the air to really show it off. Fun loving and really into the ALS style, I'm glad you were able to shoot her!

I want to come back and comment on some pictures and poses later since there is so much good stuff in this set. But it going to be hard to pick a few favorites since there are so many good shots!

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