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Wunderschön, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

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I don't usually care for anal, but this shoot was pretty good.
I like the panty stuffing. I'm not sure I've mentioned it but I like some of the different suffers that you use: Corn is my favorite, cucumbers and zucchini is good. The markers are fun.

Something I've never seen you do is have the models bury a hard boiled egg. I'm a little surprised and am wondering if you think it would not be safe. I certainly want them getting cut on pieces of egg shell. But it's something to consider if you havent.

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Excellent set with Marie. I love yoga scenes, and Marie can do a lot of poses. You did a fine job of having her start her yoga fully clothed, doing some more in just her panties, and finally doing some naked.

This turned out to be a panty set. But I have a suggestion for a future yoga shoot where the girl is also wearing shorts like this with large leg holes but with no panties. In pictures #19-20 where Marie is holding her leg up, if you moved around to the left, you would get great shots up Marie's shorts. So if you did this with no panties, you could start with shots like these two and then move slowly around left. It would be really hot if the girl was looking at the camera and watching us as we moved over to sneak a peek at her pussy.

Since this is a panty set, it's cool that it is also a soaked panties. But I would have liked her panties to be a bit more sheer to show more when wet. You also get a great shot of Marie starting to pull the panties down in #80.

I liked that Marie repeated the holding her leg up pose once she was naked. The full body shot #154 (with her leg up the highest) is very good. As is the up shot #150.

Usually I keep telling you to do more poses where we can see long pussy lips dangling down. Marie flips that upside down. She spreads her legs all the way out into the splits while in piledriver, so we get to see her fantastic lips sticking up. Love #161, and love Marie's pussy. The overhead shot #162 is very hot too with her lips open in a butterfly. Such a beautiful pussy.

The anal bat sequence is hot, and the measure dildo is good too. In between those Marie does a back bend and then does the grab-the-ankles pose. #212-213 are great shots. Marie really arches her back and gets her pussy up there. I love when the girls will really work their poses and go for as much exposure as they can get. Marie has such a great pussy to show off too!

After she finishes with the dildo, we get a very nice little final sequence. Marie holds her legs up in open in another very exposed pose. In #242 she has a wonderful smile as we can see that her pussy is starting to drip. And the next to last picture, #245, is a perfect sexy-cute shot where Marie has folded her legs in without hiding her pussy and she is holding her pigtails out.

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Only in my fantasy, only in my fantasy....*lol

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Great Pictures !!! When I see them I cannot wait to lick her feet and those tiny little butthole !

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Nude beauty overload! :) Very nice! I love the measure dildo and the baseball bat, although (first and foremost having a fascination for all things fun involving well shaved lady parts) anal play need not be more extensive than this if you ask me.

On a more technical note, concerning the measure dildo, is the fact that the search result of the tag "Measure Dildo" also list all scenes with the term "Dildo" as well. As one fascinating aspect of an object like the measure dildo is the possibility for comparative vaginal studies between models, it would be very nice if a tag could be specific to just this object. Why not consider a more specific separate tag, like for example "Measurer", along with "Dildo"?

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Yeah, several of the tags don't work for searches because of that problem. A better fix would probably be to leave out the space and have the tag be "MEASUREDILDO". The same approach would fix some of the other problem tags too. For example, the "CROTCHLESS PANTIES" tag also returns Silvie Luca's "No Panties" scene as well as Kylie Wylde's "Polka Dot Panties".

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I'm so Glad to know you have recruited Asuna Rose for ALS Scan. I have been following her recently on ATK and she is awesome ... can't wait to view her Cervix!

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