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Yes Harley, definitely pump your clitty! That's good for it!

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Harley Jameson (now there's a screen name) has a gorgeous pussy, although I'm not drawn to cervix macros.

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WOW - well done Team AlsScan !! ....when can we see the video of thjis hottie ?

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Wow! Wow! (and yeah, why not) Wow again!

Since I haven't yet had a chance to watch the videos, I've just seen that first photoset of Harley with Kristen. That was certainly one of the absolute best sets ever on ALS. And I was sure to love it since Kristen is in serious contention to be my all time favorite ALS girl. But now with this first solo set from Harley, it's clear Harley is nobody's sidekick--she's totally amazing.

Before saying anything about this set, I want to get this idea out there: For your second special girl girl shoot, get Harley and Charity Crawford. After we all rave about how fantastically hot that is (it will be, of course), you can follow it up by completing the brilliant trilogy and having Kristen and Charity do a special girl girl shoot too.

Back to Harley's wonderful set....

Of all the various things I've suggested you shoot, I probably haven't ever asked for a glamour shoot. It's not that I don't like them, it's that "glamour" too often ends up meaning "lots of make-up". Scan girls don't need lots of make-up--Harley most certainly does not. But this set has the best approach to glamour: you start the scene showing Harley applying make-up with her mirror, but the make-up is low key and doesn't at all hide her natural beauty. And then we get the other great thing about a good glamour scene: Harley's snazzy black outfit. That's very hot.

I deliberately didn't look at the tags for this set. And that's a nice short skirt, ...well...hmm.... So there is an amazing sequence that starts with #14 when Harley turns to her left. Is there such a thing as a pokerface smirk? I think so now. Harley's looking at the camera, but she's not saying. And she puts her foot up on the couch, still looking at us but still mum. And more shots, she's still looking, but she's getting smirky-er. Finally you come around for an upskirt. No panties! But of course. And Harley breaks out laughing. Ok, that was wonderful, when do we get the BTS?

In the comments for one of Kristen's sets, I said that once you start talking about her pussy, you might never stop. I'm afraid that's true for Harley too. So at only the end of page two, Harley sits down on the couch with her skirt pulled up and she spreads her legs wide. #38 and #39 are certainly hot pics. But then in #40 she has opened her pussy into a beautiful butterfly. The most perfect, yummy, butterfly pussy you can imagine. Long symmetric lips darkening on their edges....

The rest of the set continues on as wonderfully and amazing as it starts. But I'm going to quit right here in contemplation of Harley's unbelievably beautiful pussy.

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