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Kristen Scott twice in one week! Wow, that's great!

Kristen is always one of the very best, so of course this scene is full of great shots with lots of good looks from Kristen and from Harley too when she comes in. I like how Kristen starts out naked in the bathtub. Now the usual ALS set has the girl in some attractive clothes and she begins with a nice tease. Even your bath and shower sets usually start out with a towel or robe or sometimes a bikini. But when you are looking to change things up a bit, it's an excellent choice to start with a naked hottie in the tub.

Kristen has one of the most spectacular pussies on this whole site. And we get several poses that really show off it's charms. I like the doggie shots (#18-31) that show how much her pussy lips protrude. And she fingers her ass too which is really hot. Still, I think my favorite is the no hands full body shot #29 where she has her eyes closed.

Then Kristen flips over and spreads her legs wide open. My favorite here is #39 with her arms spread and her pussy lips open in a no hands butterfly. And she has an "eager to share" expression that is very inviting. A little later you come back to a similar pose but this time Kristen has her pussy under water and her feet in the air. If you had wanted to have tease shots, you could have done this first. If she splashed about a bit, we would get distorted views of her pussy under the water. But they are good shots as they are.

I usually don't single out closeups for mention, but I love #76. What an amazing closeup. Kristen has a good grip on her butt cheeks and has her ass stretched, but she is just barely pulling on her pussy. So her outer lips are parted back above her pussy hole, but the rest of her lips are together and hanging down. Dangling pussy lips are just so sexy, and here Kristen gives us both the dangle and also a peek at her inner lips too. I did say that Kristen has a spectacular pussy.

Kristen also shows off her spectacular pussy to great effect in her pee sequence. Excellent peeing. I love how she mostly does it no hands--her lips stay open in that wonderful butterfly so she just leans back and lets loose. The BTS of her sitting on the edge of the tub and peeing into the water like that is going to be hot.

Great to have Harley come in for some kissing and fisting. I like the robe that Harley wears, and it is shiny, slinky, and good for that naked model/clothed assistant vibe. But once again, I think you missed out on some very hot shots. Part of the time Harley has the robe pushed up off her ass, but you don't come around for any clear shots of her pussy. Quite the shame since Harley also has an amazing pussy. The closest you get is #99 which is by itself an excellent shot. We get a shadowy hint of Harley's pussy and the girls have some tongue action going. But you needed to follow through with more of Harley's pussy. And yeah, why not--more tongue too.

You really need to get Kristen and Harley booked for new shoots. It's terrible to think that we are about to run out of new scenes from these hotties. ALS certainly needs more Kristen and Harley!

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