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Looking back at Hailey's preview set it seems like this series has been on the shelf for nearly 8 years. I'm tempted to say that's too long to wait but this set was worth waiting for.

Everything about it really shows off her legs. And though I'm not normally moved by such things as footwear I do love the fact she kept her heels on for the whole thing

Any chance to get the set of her with the baseball bat sooner than that?

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Agree about these shoes. High heels don't interest me much as such and I like other kinds of footwear better. But these black heels go well with the black pantyhose, so it is cool that she kept them on.

And very much agree about the baseball bat set. That would be worth getting on the list.

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Now that is a hot look! This is much better than a typical pantyhose set. It is more like a crotchless catsuit. Two things make this work really well. First these black ones provide a good contrast that you don't get from skin colored pantyhose. Second, the crotch opening is symmetric and just large enough to frame Hailey's pussy but keep her otherwise clothed.

I really like that Hailey started the set already crotchless so there are lots of good upskirt peekaboo shots while she is still wearing her dress. And then it was hot that she pulled the pantyhose up into a catsuit and wore it that way for all the rest of the set. Almost a shame that she tore the crotch opening bigger, but she did need some more room to get that bottle into her pussy. Really good inverted bottle sequence too.

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In the main I agree with FC comments here, if you are using the pantyhose a peekaboo open crotch sequence this enhances the set. A minor gripe is that I do wish the pantyhose at some point in time would come off in its entirety, as at no point in time do you get a good clean derriere shot. Minor as I say a there are obviously many other sets where the ladies butts are clearly displayed.

On a big plus super effort on the part of Hailey as to the extent the bottle is inserted!

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Yeah, I guess here's my theory of it. I'm encouraging ALS to go for diversity in their shooting style and not feel obliged that, for instance, the girl must be naked by the end of every set. In some of the BTS videos, Alex has said that he has to get like ten totally nude shots at the end. Of course all these girls look great naked, so that's not actually bad. But I do think that it can be very sexy if the theme of a set is carried all the way to the end.

What is really hot about a crotchless body suit is that it exposes only the pussy. (Of course the fabric here is sheer so we see Hailey's tits through it. But they are covered.) So I think it is sexy that at the end of the set it is still only her pussy that is uncovered. Such a set cannot also showcase her butt. Alternatively, it is also hot when thigh high socks are worn till the end, and such socks do make for great butt shots.

I looked at Hailey's other sets. Interestingly, she did another set "Anal Vibes" where she also did an inverted bottle (nice fat bottle!), this time wearing fishnets. It also has her doing an anal vibrator so there are lots of butt shots there. That set is a hot one too.

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Oh, and thigh high socks! Hailey's "Fistin' Desire" has her in striped socks, pigtails, and no panties. Austin fists her and gapes her big. Hailey wears the socks and her hat till the end.

I had forgotten how many really hot sets Hailey did.

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Personally I hate it when beautiful models wear hats all the way through a set (I find it distracting); otherwise I have to completely agree with FC again - thigh high socks (and/or tennis shoes for my tastes), symmetry, crotchless contrasting bodysuit = incredibly hot.

Thanks for another great set!

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I'd say it depends on the hat. In "Fistin' Desire", I like Hailey's whole outfit including the hat, so I think it's cool that she keeps the hat on. On the other hand, in "Cowgirl Play", Hailey also wears a hat the whole time, but it is a cowboy hat that I don't like. I'd rather she had taken that one off.

So anyway, I hope ALS keeps thinking about getting a lot of different stuff into the shoots. I'm sure I won't like all their choices, but I do like most of them.

And yes, thumbs up for tennis shoes. Particularly Chucks.

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