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Splendid !!

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Great set I love the combination very hot, can't wait for more and more intamacy

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This is a very hot set and I love the concept. In the past we have had sets of a naked model with a clothed assistant which I think accents the nakedness. So, cool to flip things around so that Freya is posing naked for Lena. And her exposure is even more amped up since she is sitting with her legs spread wide and her pussy open in a butterfly. Freya is not just naked, but fully on display for Lena.

Then it time for Lena to return the favor and expose herself to Freya. One reason this is super hot is that Lena has such a friendly guileless smile, like here: #87.

So my favorite shots of Lena displaying herself for Freya:

Flipped over in her chair and spreading from behind: #57.

Sitting back normal and really spreading her outer lips: #67. Then later, the girls exchange charged looks when Lena spreads for Freya again: #138.

Near the end of the set, we have Lena with a big smile flipped over again in her chair eager to have Freya open her pussy with the spreaders: #186. And then this absolutely charming expression from Lena when she is all opened up: #208.

So the way the girls show themselves to each other is what makes this set so hot. The other sequences are really good too. I particularly like how Freya licks Lena's pussy while gaping her.

That's a cute watercolor Lena painted of Freya, too!

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Never seen such a height difference in two models in the same set before - wild!

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-.- ... miss the old times when girl/girl shoots was once a week or once a model ... since i have update my membership to a year, ALS has changed.

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You got that right. There is a sameness and predictability to most sets. Girl/Girl has become the norm and to make matters worse, it's usually the same "other" girl. I got burned out on the over exposure of Gina Gerson and I'm getting there with Freda Von Doom. The masturbation sets that pop up about every other day are nothing more than filler. Combine that with "remastered sets" and the net result is we get two (maybe three) new sets per week. If I'm lucky, I'll see two sets per month I think are good. I was happy to find out Lena Anderson was coming to ALS, but once here, it's another disappointment because of the same "formula". What some may call the "ALS style", others might call a repetitious rut of the same thing over and over.

If I didn't continue to have a fondness for ALScans, I wouldn't bother to write critiques - I'd just drop my membership. But my hope is if enough people make their opinion known, maybe we'll see some changes and a return to the originality ALS was once known for. I know you can do it, because you've done it before.

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Well I must profess our opinions differ somewhat here. As far as I am concerned, at least 50% of the sets could be G/G; I will never, ever, tire of that, and hot lesbian shoots are very much a part of why I am a member here (the rest probably attributable to the magazines I drooled over in my youth keeping me wondering what lied within that triangle of dense hair).

It would be nice, however, if the models they used as the "other" woman would vary more, though I understand that they tend to hire one model as an assistant and it would be challenging to keep changing those constantly. ALS has often stuck with one model as lesbian assistant for a fairly long stretch - the ones that really stick out in my memory are those that seem most enthusiastic: Nella being a fine example, Blue Angel another. Frankly IMHO it comes down to how "into it" they seem - hard clits and nips make that look evident (even if we aren't often fortunate enough to see them squirt for one another, and yes I said squirt, not pee), and TOO many shots with both models fighting the giggles do the opposite.

But we all have our opinions. Amongst mine (since I'm already on a bit of a rant here), I would like very much to see: more G/G massage sets, more tongue-kissing between the models, and ALS getting an exam table with stirrups so that we get a good look (and perhaps some hot doctor [or nurse] - patient lesbian sets to boot).

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I agree with Dogatonic.

Yes, more girl-girl. 50% would be about right.

Though I'm not sure I agree that there should be more variation in the assistant. Mostly, I think the girls ALS has used for longer stretches have been really good choices. So yes, I agree with you about Nella and Blue Angel. Gina Gerson, of course. And also Austin and Franziska. The only long time assistant that I don't actually like is Leighlani. So that is only one miss.

Totally agree that enthusiasm and being "in to it" are key.

As for your "more of" list:

I'd expand the more tongue list. So yes, more tongue kissing, but also more pussy and ass licking too.

Not sure I really want a medical scene with doctor/nurse costumes and a gyno chair. That's a style of role playing that doesn't seem to fit ALS. But setting up some sort of stirrup frame that works with the massage table would be cool. The idea would be that after the rest of her body got a nice massage, the model could just relax while her legs were held up and wide open so that the assistant could give her pussy a deep, thorough workout too. All with maximum exposure, of course.

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I'm not general against these types of sets. But the mix makes it. From me, you can always have a girl / girl set per model. But just once. At Lena we already have 2 sets and little sets where she is alone.

Is just my subjective opinion.

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Obviously you like dykes

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