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Geil, wie sie am Schluss ganz nackig pisst, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

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Adorable faces, tiny tits, big juicy pussies ! It just does not get any better for me ! These girls made my pussy so wet .
Love the veggie insertions ............healthy girls for sure !

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Freya and Ivy are so hot together! You've had some great shoots on these chairs and counter. In particular, there was the excellent girl girl with the long pussy lip beauties Alaina and Gia. Now we get Freya and Ivy with their amazing and even bigger pussies. Love this set and the great poses you get from the girls on these chairs.

I like the long tease and undressing sequence in this set. (Since it is a big set, we can have a long tease without losing out later.) At the start the girls are just hanging out wearing some simple but sexy outfits. Soon, they are kissing--very hot kissing. Then Freya slowly starts undressing Ivy, but keeps coming back to kiss her some more. That's one of the reason I like these two girls together so much.

Freya gets Ivy completely naked before losing any of her own clothes. I like when the girls do it that way. Since neither girl is wearing panties, there would have been some good chances for upskirt shots. We don't get any of Ivy, but get a few of Freya when Ivy is removing her shoes.

This is a girl girl with lots of pussy licking. And not just licking, they pull each others lips with their mouths too. Long lips. Love it! And they 69 as well. It's all just lots of wonderful pussy eating.

No surprise that the Queen of Gapes could take two zucchini. Freya had a third there. Did Ivy try to get all three?

When the girls are scissoring, you get some shots where they have great expressions (and do more kissing!), but you don't get any overhead shots. Maybe they should have been down on the chairs instead of up on the counter. The only disappointment I have in this set is that we don't get pussy shots of them scissoring--they both have amazing long lipped pussies, so it's a big loss.

There are some good pussy-on-pussy shots when Ivy straddles Freya. And more kissing. Really love how much kissing the girls do all through the set. Lots of good shots in the double dildo sequence too. It's a great sequence and really hot. I'm glad this set is a double dildo--my favorite girl girl toy.

When they finish, the girls give us some happy and relaxed shots sitting on the counter with their legs open to show us their pussies. They both look great, and so sexy together. I wish you had had them turn over too, so we could get some side-by-side rear shots like Alaina and Gia did.

Just like Alaina and Gia, Freya and Ivy have a wonderful chemistry together. I hope you put the BTS video on the list for releasing soon since it is bound to be a very good one. And for that matter, can you get Alaina's and Gia's "Double Trouble" BTS on the list too?

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Fooly I wanted to thank you for your review. This set was losing me and I was going to quit it early on, but I remembered your comments about the pee scene at the end. You were right great scene. I liked the step sequence too.

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Good. I'm glad you found it helpful. Years ago, I would sometimes email Alex some pictures that I particularly liked from a set and talk about why. These long comments I post now evolved out of that. So part of what I hope to do is give Alex and Jen some idea of what I think worked well or not so well and to encourage them to try some things that I think might be hot.

But I've also discovered that it is nice to have these notes about what I thought if I come back to look at a set or video later. I've hoped that other people find this useful too. Pleased to hear that you do.

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I wanted to make a separate comment about Ivy's stellar peeing sequence at the end. Ivy is slow to get started, but she gapes her pussy and gives a great view while she is getting ready, so no problem waiting. And when she does go, she goes, and goes, and goes.... (Perhaps she got some pointers from Freya?) Ivy pees for a nice long time, so you get plenty of closeups and plenty of full body shots. And she has a lot of good looks too.

I like that you had her sitting on the steps. Something I've mentioned before that I do hope you try is to have a girl lie on her back at the top of the stairs and have her aim her pee up a bit to see how far it can go. You've included some new hot poses for peeing lately, and this would be another good one.

And finally a note on the flash. Ivy looks best in the first six shots (#298-303) where there is plenty of natural light on her skin. But, yeah, there is a bit too much shadow on her pussy for a pee sequence. But could you have bumped the flash up just a wee bit? Where you actually ended up is pretty hot. So her pussy is well lit for peeing, but all the highlights on her skin are from the flash and the natural light is entirely lost. It a great sequence as is, I was just a bit surprised by the big jump in tone.

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