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This is a really, really great photoshoot!
If ALSscan ever felt like expanding (but, hopefully, never replace) an already brilliant "shaven solo girl with various toys" concept, then two girls, with a toy each, doing a sort of "syncronized swim" ALSscan-style, is a super hot idea.

As pointed out by others here, one personal favorite would be two girls with a metal speculum each, but any ALSscan scenario with two girls "comparing notes" in matching ways and/or with matching toys, might be very interesting. :)

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A few months ago I suggested to Alex something very similar to this with two girls doing lots of matching side by side poses with speculums. Or, if they do an action video, synchronized movement while they talked to the camera.

Alex replied that he like the idea and would plan on it for the next girl girl opportunity. So if the girls, scheduling, and whatnot, all work out, then we might get something like this soon. I hope so.

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definitely 😀

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two lovely and amazing girls....perfect cervix

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Wow. I'd forgotten about this set, but it is really really hot. And the BTS is out too, I'm going to check that out for sure.

This has great pussy licking and some good scissoring. But opening both Melanie's and Franziska's pussies up at the same time makes it extra hot. This should become a regular thing for ALS. I'd like to see it again with Rockets like here, but also with speculums. Now I'd prefer two metal speculums. But you could do one metal and one plastic and that would give something to any speculum fan.

Lets have more side by side open pussies here on ALS!

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dual speculum set...that would work

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somehow prefer plastic speculums

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That's a long standing contested debate around here.

My favorite is that big rectangular framed metal speculum. It is very open on the sides and the frame is wider and so farther from the girl's pussy. This lets in more light and gives a better view so we can really see up inside her.

It is also more substantial--it looks like a serious pussy opening device. I also like the iridescent sheen that it has.

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there's something about being able to see the pussy in all its glory through the plastic especially the vapour around the clit.

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does anyone know if there are any dual speculum sets apart from "gaping Lesbians" ?

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Way back, there also was an alsscan dual speculum scene featuring Jana and Patricie. How I would love to see a remaster of that!

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Yeah, that Nadia and Paris scene is the only one I can think of. It's so good.

ALS ought to make it a priority to get some more double speculum scenes shot and posted. They would be great photosets and great BTS videos too.

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