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Wonderful shameless spreads!

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Emma is off to a great start. I really like all the sets where the girl does something sporty or athletic, and tree climbing scenes are about the best. And pretty rare too what with needing a location with a suitable tree and a girl who wants to climb it. Very cool that Emma was willing to go up and then pull her shorts down to her knees. The shorts down pose is a good one by itself and all the better with Emma up in the tree.

I hope you can get some more tree climbing scenes this year. If you do, try to shoot one with a skirt which I don't think you have done yet. A perfect outfit would be hightop Chuck Taylors, a short skater skirt, and a small top that the girl can pull off her titties. One choice for the top would be a stretchy croptop like Charity wore in her tree climbing set that she pulled down. Another would be a bikini top where the cups could be pulled aside. But however you do it, a tree climbing scene with a short skirt, no panties and tits out, would be a killer hot set.

And continuing her sporty play, Emma also does some naked cartwheels. Wish there were more shots of these since naked cartwheels are such a wonderful thing. Besides having her go across in front of you like she did here, it would be great if you also had her do some coming straight towards you. That way you could get a picture like #88 with her pussy pointed at the camera.

At the end of her doggie fisting pose, Emma does the "Hook that Pussy!" gape. I love that gaping pose. But I still think it would it would be hot if some of the girls would go back and forth between fisting and gaping. Of course this would be best for the girls who can get their fist in easily.

Emma didn't have much pee this time, but it is a good sequence anyway since her pussy is gaping open. It's always good when the girls do no hands peeing and particularly hot if their pussy stays as wide open as Emma's.

It looked like Emma was maybe going to pee while lying flat on her back in #207. Would have been cool if she did. That would have been another good variation on pee poses.

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I've missed the "nude in public" shoots you used to do, so seeing Emma fisting herself streetside was a real treat.

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Love goofy models but if one could like a photographer for getting great photos of her cartwheels I'd put that at a 10. hard enough to pull that with a space bar but I imagine someone has a great camera with a photographer who knows how to use it :O I see models do cartwheels over ten. and other Gymnastic fun which is well overseas is to be expected but can be over here too. Naturally some of it I'd home for some padding nearby but seeing more of these nude Gymnastic like bod artwork stretches is good for ALS and me :D and the model :D. Nobody loses.

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The spreader had her urethra perfectly exposed. Would have been neat to see her pee with it still in place. But, like everyone has already commented - great model, well photographed!

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Loved this photoset. :-) Emma is an outstanding young model and the photography is excellent as usual. Keep up the food work, please.

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