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My favorite models are usually blonde, but Cindy is absolutely adorable. Loved this set. Loved the mirror shots. And I loved the shots of her tightly closed pussy. Great job!

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Oh, there's another difference then. My favorite models are usually dark haired (with exceptions for some wonderful blondes like Kiara Cole). So it's cool that Cindy is both adorable and brunette. Agree that the mirror shots are great. Glad to have the shots when her pussy is closed up, but I particularly loved the shots when her lips are open. Like I mentioned before, those shots at the end--wow, what a beautiful pussy!

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Oh. Don't get me wrong. I love the gaping shots. I just also love the tightly closed ones too. We don't get to see a whole lot of them.

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True enough.

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Love this set! If my agent told me that a model wasn't the most reliable, I'd worry not only that she might not show up, but that even if she did, that she might be lukewarm about the shoot. You went with your instincts, and, wow, did it ever pay off. Cindy has a super hot body and expressive looks including a big radiant smile. It looks like she is having a great time in this scene.

I've suggested that you ought to try to get girls to do scenes wearing rave clothing. The floral print on Cindy's bra and panties isn't something you are likely to see at a EDM festival, but the style with all the horizontal straps sure is. Very sexy.

Back to a point and shoot camera? Cindy seems to enjoy taking pictures of her pussy. Hope some of those came out and you'll put them on the blog soon.

Cindy does a wonderful sequence of finger spreading and gaping. She's got great looks of course. But she also has a very beautiful pussy and cute fingernails.

There's a nice little sequence that starts at #134 where we see Cindy profile in a doggie pose. I like how she has curved her back so that her waist is lower than her ass. Sargon loves that pose when the girl has big tits. I love the pose when she has smaller tits and wonderful nipples--just like Cindy does. This sequence is kind of mini personality shots since Cindy waves and then blows us a kiss. She's delightful.

And right after that little sequence, we get to the main attraction--a fantastic speculum event. No wonder you named this set "Cervix Show". Even Kiara's entry is cool since in the first shot (#140) we see only her pink toenails and, reflected in the mirror, her fine tight ass. I think that Kiara is very excited to be opening up hot girls' pussies for the camera. Just look at her demented smirk in #151.

This set has one of the best sequences of crew shots you've ever done. To start with, Cindy is laughing hysterically, and Kiara is still enjoying herself very much--she gives us another crazed look in #161.

But my favorite picture of the whole scene is #163 where you have come up by Cindy's shoulder and are looking down on her. What an amazing shot. This is a composition worthy of Vermeer's little know racy period of paintings that have only secretly been hung in wealthy people's bedrooms the last 350 years. And now you've made a photograph for us all to enjoy! Vermeer would be so proud.

I don't often comment on the closeups, but with a pussy as beautiful as Cindy's, I gotta draw attention to #204. And also the next four shots where Cindy keeps her legs open wide as she licks and sucks on the speculum. A wonderful finish.

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