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Gotta have a copy of these for my "sitting like a lady" collection.

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Charity is Amazing, great screen precense. She seems eternaly happy, cool and natural.
As Licksalotapuss wrote "More Charity Crawford please!".

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wow... what an amazing shoot

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This is an excellent BTS with Charity. The part with the large Rocket is especially good.

It looks like you have the pussy cam mounted inside what is basically a Rocket. But I think it would be better to remove it from that tube so that you can use it instead with the regular Rockets and speculums. By far the best part of the pussy cam section of the BTS is Charity's reaction. That's great. But I didn't think that the pussy cam images themselves were that interesting.

If you used just the cam with, say, a speculum, the girl could move the cam all around the outside of her pussy so she could get closeup views of what her pussy looks like with a speculum sticking out of it. And she could also slide the cam up inside a few times too. This would be a comprehensive "outside and inside" view of her pussy. And we would get her reaction to seeing all this on the BTS.

I also think that the view from the cam would be better going into an already opened up pussy that it is in this dildo mode where the cam shows it squeezing its way in.

So I think it is a wonderful idea to have a cam that the lets the girl see closeups of her pussy, and I hope you use it a lot more for that. But I hope you don't keep trying the dildo mode--I don't think that worked well at all.

Thanks for trying out a new toy! It's cool that you guys keep checking out fun new ways for the girls to play with their pussies!

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Wunderschöner Anblick, wenn sie ganz nackig dasteht, mein Spatz wird ganz steif und steht steil hoch, würde sie so gern rektal besamen...

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Curious. Why no pictures taken with the pussy cam?

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as I suggested earlier, you can actually see the cervix if you brighten the image up a bit. quite a bit :) was able to get it good enough to see the screen both in PIP and full..

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Awesome Photos set ... Charity's Cervix is just as beautiful and sexy as I had hoped and imagined ... What a Great Model she is and I gave the set and some of my favorite pics a 10 rating!

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Finally glad to see the cam. Hope some footage comes soon. As someone else says about the other items, with that cam.. as on another site as ALS knows... It's their expressions when seeing themselves up close on a camera they can direct (unlike a mirror) that is unique. For some odd reason if they view doggy style it spreads out more. :O (Freya's gonna steal that though) :)

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I would add you can actually see some of what is on that screen if you brighten up the image a bit thru any editing program. well most.

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Fantastic photoshoot! Nothing but excellent use of the Rocket, and Charity is as always totally sexy and cute!
I also really like the endocam. As long as you never stop using the speculum and the rocket in favor of the endocam, but rather use a speculum, the rocket AND the endocam, then please continue.

I really like the fact that you used the endocam in combination with the rocket in the same shoot. Now I only wish there would be a scene with Charity involving a speculum, as well. :)

An endocam seems like quite an expensive dildo if used only as a dildo, however. Including a few internal views from the endocam would be great. As with the speculum and the rocket, there is nothing wrong with closeups in great gynecological detail, as well. Same goes for a models reaction to closeups and closeup shooting, as well. :)

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More Charity Crawford please!

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I am not convinced that the pussy cam feature will add a lot to the shootings.
What I like in the Speculum and Rocket pics are the facial expressions of the girl with the tools inside and
the close ups including pussi lips, vaginal walls and everything arround, "cervix including peripheral parts" ;)
"just inside" is imho to technical...

Btw. When creating a Photoset with the pussycam involved you should at least include one pussycam-pic.

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244 and 245 are, for my taste, examples for a perfect Speculum / Rocket-Pic

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Maybe everybody already knows this, but here's a reminder that there has always been an annoying bug in how the images are numbered. If you hover over the very first picture in the thumbnails, then the address says it is "image 1". But if you open the picture, the address now says "image 2". There is always this difference of one between the thumbnails and open files.

I always use the thumbnail numbers, it looks like Bong is using the open file numbers.

I agree that those two shots (my numbers are #243-244) where Charity has her arms up on the back of the chair are perfect full body cervix views. I also agree with Bong in these being my favorite sort of shot with the speculum or Rocket.

Of the two, I find the second one (#244) to be the best. Besides the perfect composition, Charity has a truly fantastic expression. It is a spectacular shot.

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