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Wunderschöner Nackedei, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

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Great set! I loved the Dreamcatcher scene. One of the best. The corn on the cob was fantastic. I like all of the veggie scenes, but for some reason it the corn ones are my favorites and I'm not even sure why. Also, the no-hands cucumber scene was awsome! I agree with other comments, really hoping for BTS of the hula hoop - and I don't usually watch the videos!

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Yes, this BTS will certainly be one to watch for all us fans of the hula hoop (and fans of Charity). Since Charity's "Sundress" BTS was fantastic, I hope both this BTS and her "Free Climber" are on the list to come out soon.

And I'm all for more Dreamcatcher and corn on the cob sets. With ALS back from Europe and set up to shoot models at home again, maybe there could be a fall themed set using that multicolored "Indian" or calico corn. The model could insert some of those long necked gourds that show up in the fall as well. Perhaps outdoors on a sunny day with a pile of leaves...

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Just curious. Does anyone have any idea how far ahead they shoot? That is how long between shooting and posting?

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My intuition is that, for the Baltimore shoots, the first posting is often about three or four months after the shoot. It would be easy to check the time between the blog samples on the Friday after a shoot with the date of the first release, but I've not tried that.

Since there were so many excellent scenes from Europe this time, I wonder if maybe this year the US girls have come out a bit slower to make room to get the European ones out faster. Then again, we've had a lot of fantastic American girls too. I'm sure Alex is constantly getting told to release everybody first.

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I love Charity but don`t care for sunglasses, corn cobs, and dreamcatchers.

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I've been looking forward to this set from Charity. Other than wearing those big dark glasses too much, everything about this scene is really really good.

To start with she has a great outfit: cutoff shorts, croptop, and especially her bright blue Chucks. Very glad that she keeps the shoes on for more than half the set. And that she takes the shorts off first--she's so hot in just the croptop and hightops.

Stug is right about needing to get this video out. So good you got a lot of shots of Charity doing the hula hoop naked. The hula hoop is one of the best athletic things you have the girls do, and, wow, is Charity hot. The BTS is going to be great.

But before she can hula hoop naked, she has to take off her clothes. Charity gives a very sexy tease starting with oh so slowly pulling the front of her shorts down to give a glimpse of only the top of her pussy. Then she pulls her tits out of her top which is another of my favorites. #54 where she is just barely sticking her tongue out is great. And she pulls her shorts down farther so we get a really hot shot with her pussy lips barely in the sun and her nipples barely out (#59). With the shorts off, she looks so hot in just her top and shoes--would have liked more of these.

After her naked hula hooping, she trades in the big hoop for the small one. That was a great idea. We get a few without sunglasses here too. Charity's pussy lips are long and stretchy, and the new Dreamcatcher pulls them wide to expose lots of pink. Charity seems to enjoy being on such display. Dreamcatcher and veggie is always great, but none are better than corn on the cob. The overhead shot #190 is very hot, but too bad her glasses are back on.

After the Dreamcatcher, Charity gives us three poses with a cucumber. I like them all, particularly the doggie. She pushes the cucumber in way deep and gives us lots of great no hands looks. To finish the set, Charity spreads her legs to show us her dripping butterfly pussy. A wonderful finish to another hot Charity scene.

I do hope you can get her back for more sporty naked adventures.

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This girl looks a lot like model Tali Dova.

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This one definitely needs a video, especially since she seems to know how to use a hula hoop.

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