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Love the pool shoots - slick skin, great lighting.

  • 2 years ago
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Pool shoots are my least favorite. I much prefer the models to start with more clothes on and slowly undress. That having been said, I understand that a lot of people like these shoots, that's why I usually don't rate them. I don't think it would be fair to drag a model's rating down just because of a small personal bias.

I have to say about this shoot, though, that the Dreamcatcher sequence, which I always enjoy, was especially well done. Keep up the Great Work!

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Yeah, good Dreamcatcher in this one.

I agree with Sargon that ALS does really well with the slow undressing, flashing, tease, sort of scene. But what I really like about these pool scenes are the ALS bikinis. Like this blue mesh one is good, and that cupless and crotchless one Kimmy Granger wore was smoking hot. My only objection is too much dark sunglasses.

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Also have to say I really have never understood the lollipop thing. Not a turn on at all. I skip past them.
Do agree with the earlier comments on some anal with her. She'd look hot with vibrator sticking out of her ass on all fours.

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As she used the dreamcatcher the photoset turned from boring to interesting. But not more. I'd recommed first adding more clothespins to the dreamcatcher to catch more lusty dreams and wipe the dumb grin of her face and second to stuff her cute pussy with a deep vibrating toy. This lollypop play is infantile and she's able to play the big game.

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I think the Dreamcatcher is a nightmare! Are you advocating more clothespins to spread her labia more ... or are you just into the torture? If I wanted to see S&M, I would be subscribing to an S&M site. I think the Dreamcatcher is the worst "feature" of ALS!

This model has a cute body. Her pussy and ass are nice and tight. Her anus is perfect! I would really like to see some anal penetration. Seeing that little rosebud with a nice thin dildo or small plug being inserted and removed would be far sexier than seeing her labia crushed with a bunch of dirty old clothespins.

I'm not concerned with sunglasses or no sunglasses. I would rather have her wear sunglasses and have good natural lighting on her body during the shoot. The photo sessions under trees are filled with unpredictable shadows that block the views of the "good stuff". A little sweating in the hot sun adds to the photos.

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I totally agree. It isn't sexy if you can't see the girls eyes. ALS does this a lot. Also like most sets here, every picture is either too close or too far away. We're interested in the girl, not the swimming pool. Your framing sucks, ALS!

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I can understand for the girls to wear sunglasses if out in the sun for long periods; however for me when you can't look into their eyes the sets lose part of their appeal. If they have to wear the sunglasses at least please having them look over the top of them for part of the set.

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Agree with that.

I also think it would be better if they just tried to avoid pool deck scenes during the brightest sun. Shoot around the pool early morning or late afternoon and do mid-day scenes out on the grass with some trees around where there is less glare.

  • 2 years ago
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Totally agree.

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