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Dromedary tarsal phalanxosis (ˈdrä-mə-ˌder-ē; ˈtär-səl; ˈfā-ˌlaŋ(k)s(ˈ)ōˈsis: that curious and oft times misinterpreted physical condition affecting the mons pubis of women who have occasionally subjected themselves to what at first appears to be a poorly contrived wardrobe element. In most cases, this phenomenon typically results in what is usually considered to be an embarrassing and undesirably prominent display of the labia majora. On the other hand, we are at the same time fortunate to have been graced with that select few who meet all the correct anatomical criteria and have stood up to the sort of rigorous scrutiny that places them into an altogether separate and elite category (as we so plainly see in this marvelous exhibition). These women, who additionally are immune to that closely related syndrome known as ‘Lateral pelvic running-boardititus’, are free to proudly display their pubic cleavage as though they were brandishing well-earned and highly revered badges of honor. Ladies, allow me to be among those who stand behind your shameless decision to publicly tout the very framework that so appropriately adorns the gateway to the promise land. We hail to those delicate folds within which is nestled that heavenly slice of carnal confectionery. Long live the camel toe!! (I

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Ok, so apparently we're not allowed to use the "less than" syntax. What I meant to say is that (I "heart" majoras!!) And Miss Blue, pardon my terseness, but you’ve got a SENSATIONAL ass!! In fact, I Googled “What would an angel’s ass look like?” and “BAM”: h_39517520C63A906AAB183BB3C5AAA050 pops up (well, not really but you get the idea). And that look on your face? Oh, yeah, you know it’s hot!!

(Jeeze Louise, somebody spank me-! Ok, I gotta go, um, comb my hair, er- whatever.)

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