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  • 2 years ago
  • 2

Lots to say about this great set. First, I agree Blake is definitely one of the most attractive models you have. And she has a beautiful ass, I really liked the opening shots of her facing the desk with her skirt hiked up. Just lovely. It was also great to see the shots with the camera on the floor looking up. I think we used to see more of that from ALS. Here's hoping we'll see more of these.

Loved the glasses pulled up on her head look. And the shots with just the bottom of her breasts popping out from under her shirt. I usually agree with Folly, but I'll have to admit that I do prefer somewhat larger breasts than ALS usually shoots. Not watermelons (lol) but a little larger. It was nice to see Blake's somewhat larger breasts.

And I've got to go back to her ass again. Just lovely.

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Yeah, that's probably our main difference: I'm not interested in the bigger boobs, so I'm glad you don't go larger than Blake here on Scan. Girls with small tits and long nipples are perfect, and I'm glad you shoot a lot of them.

I do like the idea of getting back to more shots with the camera down near the floor. Not straight under the model but at an angle like you did in this set. Numbers 29 and 38 (per thumbnails) are great. Upskirts, when the model has one leg up on something (like Blake does on this desk) , and bend over shots are all really good from this perspective.

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Two thumbs up, Blake's hot in this set!

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Wish the shoes had come off, showing her dirty socks and her dirty soles with a bunch of good sock shots like Sara Jaymes has in a few sets; then near the end of the set have the socks come off. The shoes work well at the start, but it's always a disappointment that the shoes don't come off. Even if the socks stayed on throughout -- the allure of the shoes coming off is just entirely missed. Though I appreciate that may not do it for everyone, it certainly couldn't hurt.

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Blake is one the most attractive models you've had in recent memory. I'm surprised you elected to air brush her birth mark on her inner thigh however.... it's not like it's diminishes her attractiveness..

  • 4

Great outfit! Most of the time I don't care much for high heels. But here is one of the good exceptions: black high heel Mary Janes that match her big black glasses frames and white ruffle socks to match her tight white crop top. And with no panties, this is the perfect sexy schoolgirl look.

Since Blake has those oh so beautiful tits that would be too big if they were any bigger, I think I would have picked a different cover shot. Photo #75 (as counted in thumbnails) catches Blake with a wonderful expression while she has her top down off those nice tits and the straps pulled back to frame her long pussy lips. And wow, I love those lips. Such a great shot.

However, what you did pick for the cover is very good too. In fact, the best thing about this set is that there are so many really good rear poses. Blake has got a fine ass, but these rear shots are also a great way to show off those tasty pussy lips, So yeah, I like those shots of her leg up on the desk.

The next really fine rear shot is #104. She's taken off her clothes (but not her shoes and socks!) and is just barely looking back while spreading her ass and pussy.

But the super hot shots are when she is sitting backwards on the chair. Amazing sequence. It is #115 blows me away: Blake's sideways glance, her wide spread ass, and then those pussy lips dangling down. Yes.

The set finishes with toys I really like--marker pens and a glass dildo--but what will bring me back to this set are those shots of Blake sitting backwards on the chair.

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