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Please please please .. more galleries of this sweetie!

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would love to stick my tongue in her pussy and ass hole yummy yummy

  • jack
  • 12 months ago
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Please upload the video of this photoshoot.

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Picture 132 looks a bit like Linkoln Memorial, only better.

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Great set.

Highlights are those shots at the beginning where Freya's big fat pussy can't help but peek out from under her skirt, and the magnifying glass shots where her pussy goes from big to huge.

Also at the end of the set there is a great sequence with Freya upside down on the chair first pulling on her lips and then getting gaped by the assistant. These are hot photos of a sexy girl made all the better by how much fun Freya is having with this pussy workout.

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o.O she does have hardly ANY fingernail? Because of biting? Can't be ...

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Well, with really short fingernails you could do a lot more vigorous fingering and fisting without the risk of scratching. So maybe she keeps them short out of consideration for the wellbeing of the girls she plays with.

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cute, though ... any other girl, who has this trait?

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I can't imagine who wants to look at all those objects in the pussies: lollipops, bananas etc....and all those cervix photos look the same . When you've seen one cervix you have seen them all!
I would think that guys just want to see unobstructed, juicy, enlarged pussies that suggest, this is the doorway to pleasure!

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It's not an either/or. With more than 200 pictures in a set, there can be lots of "unobstructed, juicy, enlarged pussies" shots as well as lots of insertions. I like the whole package of ALS pussy manipulations: spreading, lip pulling, gaping with fingers and toys, and stuffing fruits, veggies or lollypops, fisting, and really stretching it out with a lot of sharpies or silverware. This pussy play is a hot compliment to the shots of an untouched pussy. It's great that ALS does both.

My most favorite cervix pics are not the closeups but the whole body shots where the cervix is clearly in view--love having the model looking back at the camera while we can look all the way up her pussy.

Also love the shots of the video crew filming the Rocket or speculum which accents the models exposure.

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Also, following your logic, once you've seen one pussy, you've seen them all! C'mon now. Banana's and lollipops and speculums, oh my!

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To each their own, man. If you can't imagine, try harder. I like the ALS touch.

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Well I would suggest that if you've seen one banana, lollipop, etc. that THEY all look the same; having felt more cervix(es?) than I've seen (in person, anyhow), they certainly don't FEEL the same, and I would argue that, though I VERY much want to see enlarged, juicy, unobstructed vaginas (seriously - I can't possibly get enough of those), perhaps one could argue that the cervix, as the doorway to the uterus, is the doorway to life itself, and as such is therefore inherently the key to the kingdom that brings us the desire for such pleasure in the first place.

Just playing devil's advocate - please don't interpret anything I said here as me not wanting to see more unobstructed, juicy, enlarged pussies; I'm pretty sure that on my deathbed I would still like to see more of those!

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