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Oh, yes! This set is as good as I was hoping. I've been waiting for this scene ever since Alex first put Audrey's samples up on the blog. The picture he posted from this scene was one of Audrey's handstands. I just love when the naked girls get upside down, and I'm also a big fan of all the sporty/athletic themes, so something gymnastic like a naked handstand is just wonderful. The only way for that to have been better is if she had spread her legs out into a splits while doing the handstand.

Audrey is such a good model. The shots at the beginning while she is playing darts show how expressive she is not just with her facial expressions but also with her posing. She must have been a dream to shoot. After the darts, Audrey moves into one of my favorite kind of teases when she unzips her shorts and pulls the front down to show us her pussy. She has great looks while sharing. I really like the full body shot #31, and the closer shot #32, and then the pussy closeup #33. From there Audrey takes her shorts off while facing the camera. (You should have the girls do that more often instead of turning around.) You get a great shot of her in that cute crop top with her shorts down at her ankles, #38. Audrey has an impressive thigh gap, so I'm glad we get to see a lot of it in this set.

The best compliment to a big thigh gap are long pussy lips, and Audrey has those too. So soon after she sits down and spreads her legs, Audrey starts pulling on her lips. This scene has excellent lip pulling both when Audrey does it herself and when she stands up and lets Sarah do it too. In between we get another of my favorite poses: Audrey has her top pushed up off her tits and she holds her legs up and open to give us a great view of those yummy pussy lips. I like her big smile in #71.

After the lip pulling, Audrey stands with her legs wide so we can see how her pussy lips dangle. Her thigh gap and dangling lips are really hot, but, unfortunately, you shoot these shots from too high. We should see her lips framed against the plain wall, instead in several of these her lips are in front of that dark and busy beanbag. Also, to really showcase dangling lips, it's best to shoot from right at pussy height so we can see them hanging in their full glory.

Then we get the naked handstand. Wow is that great. (But next time have her open her legs up for some super hot shots.)

The Dreamcatcher is the classic combo with a lollipop, and this one is very sexy. I think this is both because Audrey is so expressive and also because she has such a beautiful hot pussy. The whole sequence is very good, but a few shots really stood out. One is #118 where Audrey is giving a big doe eyed look to the video guy while Sarah is putting on the Catcher. Another is the shot from above her where Audrey has her hands over her head and the lollipop is sticking out of her pussy through the Dreamcatcher, #138. And then #159 with her legs up in the air and she has pulled out the lollipop to lick it. What a wonderful pussy she has.

I like that after the Dreamcatcher Audrey does a doggie pose with the lollipop. My favorite shot here is the sly little look she gives us over her shoulder in #188 while she is using both hands to spread her ass and pussy wide. She knows how hot she is exposed like that with a lollipop sticking out of her pussy. Wish you had had Sarah come back in and pull on Audrey's lips some more while she was like that.

This spring has been full of really hot scenes with really hot girls. Good times are back here at ALS Scan!

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^ better scene title :)

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Yes, much better.

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