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Personally I like the return of the kegelmaster, and think it's a nice combo with the dreamcatcher (definitely prefer it to the lollipop or a dildo)...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful women with us, ALS!

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hope there is a movie of this!!!! HOT!!

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Mostly I think this is a good set, and I certainly like the yellow and green Dreamcatcher. Having the painted clothespins is a sharp look so it's good that you are doing that. I also like combining the Catcher with another toy to put in the pussy. So far, so good.

But I'm not enthused to see the return of the kegel master since it doesn't work very well as either a spreader or as a dildo. It's not a good spreader since it doesn't give a view up inside the girl's pussy. I'd much rather you stick to the speculums or the purple spreader for toys that pry a pussy open. And the kegel master isn't a very good dildo either because it looks like the plastic is broke or coming unglued and is just about to fall apart which makes it seem cheap and poorly made. So I'd rather just have a dildo. The glass ones are prettiest and are my favorite. But I also like that you have some big really fat ones for when the girls are up for getting stretched. And you also have a lot of nice looking smaller vibrators that are good toys for no hands shots. I know there are some kegel master fans, so I hope they like this. But I also hope that you won't use this much more.

Back to some positive notes: I like Ariel's combination of dress, bra, and the clit jewelry. She does some nice upskirt teasing particularly when she is standing and holding her dress up. So #16 is a good one. And I also like that you got full body shots from low and in front of her (#26). Then when she takes the dress off, she goes the other way and lowers it down her body till we can just see the clit jewelry. #72 is a very sexy look with her arm up and hair across her face. And it is always great to get some shots where the girl's clothes are puddled around her ankles--I like #78.

I really like Ariel's tits, but I think it is cool that she wears the bra for most of the scene. The bra and clit jewelry, and then later, the bra and Dreamcatcher, are sexy combos. Very good that you got shots with both toys with her sitting with legs high and open wide. The best jewelry one is #105. And the best Dreamcatcher is #144 where she is holding her legs out so she has no hands on the Catcher. That is my favorite shot of the whole set.

The overhead shot #177 would be phenomenally good if she was using a better looking dildo.

I also like that right before she took off the bra and shoes, you got a few no toys and no hands shots where she is sitting with her legs open. The third one, #206, is the best. Then we do get to see her titties there near the end of the scene. Very nice titties, indeed.

Ariel seemed like she changed her look a bit more in this set which is something I was hoping she would do. She has some good ones when she brings them out.

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Being a hand guy I can’t get past the chipped nail polish. Really! How hard is it to use some polish remover before a shoot. In my opinion huge distractor to an otherwise very cute girl.

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Yes, yes, yes! Great set. Thank you guys!

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