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Don't know what it is about it but god damn do I love side boob, it really adds to the set the tease before the nudity. :)

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This set has my favorite stuff: Young pussy stuffed with vegetables. Ariel Grace's pussy is gorgeous: colorful, generous labia, swollen clit, well stretched around thick veggies. That's the best. This set paid for this month's subscription, all by itself. However, I'd love to have had more medium shots where she was acting aroused, instead of grinning like an idiot at the camera so much. Also, a niggle: A professional model should show up at a shoot with her old nail polish removed and new applied. Her nails look like dogshit. Makes the viewer think she didn't really care about her appearance.

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Ariel has a cute mannerism of tilting her head to one side when smiling. Super sweet girl. Tops.

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Ariel sure is beautiful. This is real nice outfit, and it is good call to have her keep the knee high socks on the whole way.

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Ariel is absolutely lovely, but it would be really nice if she varied her expressions more - hopefully you shot some lesbian stuff with her so she could take some cues from the other model(s)...

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Yes, I think I have to agree with Dogatonic. Ariel does keep much the same look through out this set. I wonder if this is the expression that she reverts to unless she is told to change or is distracted. She had a lot more different looks in "Sexty Messages". Maybe the magnifying glass and the speculum--and the exposure they create--captured her attention in that scene.

In this scene, when she does change, her other looks are good. She has a great mischievous expression as she is standing topless with one hand on her head in #69. Or her (not quite that) innocent "do you want to watch" look when she picks up the cucumber in #225.

Did you have a female assistant? Looking back on the blog samples, there was no sign of one. I agree with Dogatonic's suggestion. ( Of course, we don't really need that excuse, we are going to want these models in girl girl action anyway.)

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