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Wunderschöner Nackedei, sie ist ganz nackig, mein Spatz wird bei ihr immer ganz steif...

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A scene consisting of picture after picture, each one very hot beautiful pictures, of a very hot and beautiful model. Each picture in this scene made me think: Wow!, or in terms of numbers, a whole lot of "9"s and "10"s. This is another really great scene of super sexy Aria Haze, with a top rating from me. However, only struck me when I had the time to really look at each and every one of the pictures.

So why does this scene still seem to get an all over rating somewhat just beneath top notch? In a way, Fooly Cooly points to it saying: "This scene is a mostly fingers and hands set." Despite every single photo being really great, at a glance the whole scene somehow seems a bit "neither here nor there". Switching from this to that, and back again, and maybe a little more of that again, or the other, despite almost every picture being "turned up to eleven" there is no great buildup, no sense of: Ah! Now Aria is really getting herself into something here! Aria getting naked, the corn hole board, the glass dildo, the gaping and fisting; this is all super hot and brilliantly captured, but nowhere this scene do I get a clear and trembling hot idea of what sexy situations this might actually build up to. At the same time, each photo is super hot and nothing but brilliant!

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No, I don't think that account is right. ALS has never really done "story" scenes with a plot and a direction that they are going. So this scene doesn't "build up to" less or more than other ALS scenes do.

Perhaps there are just a small number of people who don't like Aria. The first rating after all was a "3". Everybody else could be giving "9" and "10" but a few low numbers would still pull it down. Aria's first two sets are at 9.4 and 9.5 while her two most recent are at 8.9 and 8.4. So it looks likes Aria's photosets might be losing some popularity. Or maybe people just don't like lawn mowers and the corn hole game. After all, Aria's most recent masturbation video has a 9.8 rating. All her videos (including BTS) have high marks.

What this set doesn't have is very much tease. Aria's clothes are not see through and she doesn't do "peek-a-boo" flashing. So this set might have lost a few points from those who want a long sexy tease.

Anyway, I'll stick with my claim that I think it is great that Aria started the scene playing her game with her clothes on and then came back and played some more naked. Oh, and cartwheels. Just LOVE naked cartwheels.

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Misunderstand me correctly. Aria is a personal favorite, and I really love this scene just the way it is. :)
The only way I can possibly comprehend a less than top rating for this, is the fact that this scene may be a little bit more whimsical (which in itself really is a very good quality) than other ALSscan photoshoots, at a quick glance maybe making it a little less obvious to perceive all the good stuff that is there to be found in abundance in every picture (again, which is an extremely good quality).

I really like the fact that there is no unnecessary plot or storyline in ALSscan scenes, just the whimsical build up of a girl having fun and in nice surroundings trying out some more or less expected toys or fun thing to do in minimal clothing. I really like the tact that as you take a second (or third) closer look at any ALSscan scene, it only gets better and better. And just this set of Aria seems to be exceptionally so, to the extent that even more of the Aria-induced dynamite within this scene hits home with a (very recommended) closer look.

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I have truly been eager to see this new Aria's update and once again I'm fascinated by this gorgeous girl. On my side there is no doubt, here, she is my most precious pearl among a lot of wonderful jewels. I am not just fond of her fine figure but her charisma to mix grace and hotness has stolen my heart and my fantasy. Thanks Aria.

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Wonderful scene. The first person who rated this gave it a "3". ?? Who could hate Aria? She is so sweet and graceful with an otherworldly beauty.

This scene is a mostly fingers and hands set. So after Aria gets her clothes off, we get a great sequence of Aria spreading and gaping her pussy. (Did you consider flipping the corn hole board around the other way? It would have been nice if her pussy was pointed uphill when she was gaping so that we could see inside her better.) My favorite spreading shot is #83 where we see her from the side.

From spreading and gaping Aria goes to fisting. This is good too, but I think the fisting scenes are best when the girl mixes fisting and gaping. I wish Aria had gone back and forth.

You did do another thing I always ask for: Aria goes back to playing her game now that she is naked. These pictures are great. Sports and games shouldn't just be a few shots before the tease. You really should make it the norm that the girls will play some more once they are naked.

Then when it is toy time, Aria digs out a glass dildo. Glass dildo, sunshine, and a beautiful girl like Aria. Love it.

But before she gets to her toy, Aria tries a few cartwheels. Unfortunately there aren't to many pictures, but at least Aria is doing it naked. So thumbs up for including naked cartwheels, but I wish there were a lot more shots. If she was having trouble doing cartwheels, perhaps she could have tried some handstands. That's another hot way for naked girls to get upside down with their legs open.

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