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Wunderschöne Nackt-Aufnahmen, sie ist ganz nackig, hat so schöne Beine, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

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Aria is so exquisitely beautiful, and this is such a good scene, that I want to add some more comments beyond the exchange with Ortoton that is below.

On Aria's first released photoset, "Overflow", I had a discussion with Alex about coaxing the more reserved girls to be a bit more expressive. So in this scene, I am very pleased to discover that Aria does open up and give us some wonderful new looks. The change really got going when between her doggie pose gaping and her backbend, something caused Aria to laugh. That seemed to get her to relax, and led to shots like #129. It's clear she is having fun.

The personality shots that come next also help her get into a playful mood. I'm very impressed that she started with sticking her tongue out. That first one, #135, is incredibly hot. Later, #139, there is a full frontal with her tongue out that is more on the fun side. In between, #138, Aria gives us a charming laughing smile.

There are a lot of crew shots in this set, and they are really good. I'm glad that there are some of the Rocket insertion too. Aria has a great look in #180. The video crew shots are good too. My favorite three are #196 where she flips off the video guys, and then #197 where she laughs about it. #198 is a great shot that shows how exposed she is with the camera looking right up her pussy.

Then it is our turn to look up her pussy. I always love when there are good full body shots that show the cervix. You got a couple of them here: #205 where Aria looks at us, and #206 where she looks at somebody off to the side. I really like her pose with her knees out and feet pulled up towards her butt. The no hands shots are so good in that pose. #209 is excellent with her looking at the camera. And then her pose gets even hotter when she puts her hands behind her head. Wish you had a few of those with her looking at the camera too.

I said on one of Aria's earlier releases that she must be about the hottest model ever for just sitting with her legs open. We see that again here in #228 where she has pulled the Rocket out and her pussy is still gaping. Amazing.

And a final note: we get a brief sighting of the Stretch Hare right at the start of the scene. Then boom, it's gone. You do know that the Hare is famous, don't you?

I hope this BTS comes out soon. I want to know why the Hare left. I want to know what caused Aria to laugh there before her backbend. But mostly I want to see Aria.

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Highly enjoyable scene! I have a certain fascination for toys like the speculum or the als rocket. And for Aria Haze, for that matter. B) And seeing Aria proudly appearing as rocketeer in this scene earned her a solid 10 from me. Very nice! Even so, for some time there, the title "Spelunking" had me hoping that Aria would make totally sure to blow my mind with a speculum. So much so, in fact, that even after the rocket, Aria with a metal speculum still is something I really hope for. :)

Speaking of metal objects, the pussy jewelry sequence in this scene is nice, but still seems just a bit haphazard. In essence just something to be worn like a bikini bottom, although by a very kinky woman at that, I think the pussy jewelry works much better when it suddenly appears to be worn (with an impish grin) underneath a pair of trousers or under a dress like in the beginning of the "Adornment" scene with Aria Grace. Sexy enough as is, putting the thing on in the middle of a scene, for the sake of just to taking it off, seems like a little bit of a missed opportunity for an even sexier "well, look what I am wearing!"-moment.

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Yes she is a 10 perfect in my mind love the pussy spreads in the BTS shoot and the pussy jewelry and her ass and
small tits just love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok, one of those comments I strongly agree with, but the other I strongly disagree.

When I saw that Aria was in a scene called "Spelunking", I thought, wow, this will be great. (And it is.) But I also imagined that it would use that big metal speculum with the rectangular frame that really opens a pussy up and lets in a lot of light so that you can get a lot of great views. That speculum is probably my most favorite ALS toy, so while this scene is really good with the Rocket, I was sure hoping for the speculum.

But I disagree about the pussy jewelry. I think it is very hot the way Aria used it. She does a very nice tease in her bra and panties, and then we get a great sequence of her taking her panties off. And she even spreads her pussy a bit. ALS often uses this kind of progression, and I like it a lot. What is different is that she then reaches over to the drawer and pulls out the jewelry box and then puts it on. So this was a deliberate act to frame her pussy so that she could show it off to us that way. This makes using the pussy jewelry something more like putting on the Dreamcatcher and less something that she "happened" to be wearing. So I say, very hot.

(Of course, ALS should keep shooting the pussy jewelry the way Ortoton like it, too. I hope we get more scenes done each way.)

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I really do not disagree here. I think the pussy jewelry is really hot, this way or that. And It certainly looks good on Aria. Also, repeated deliberate acts to frame a girls pussy so can show it off in yet another way, is something I am much in favour of. The more the merrier. The ALSscan philosophy of using a variety of props to great effect in just this way is, as FC rightly say, a significant part of the fun.

My point when it comes to the pussy jewelry is more that, though it can be put to good use in a deliberate "pussy displaying"-act like the Dreamcatcher, the pussy jewelry can also be worn hidden under other clothing (And to great effect, like in the Ariel Grace scene mentioned) in ways where a Dreamcatcher would be a bit more problematic (although, when I think of it, perhaps not at all impossible).

Being a comment on Aria's scene, let me put it this way: I love everything Aria does here, including the pussy jewelry. But I miss seeing Aria with a wide-frame metal speculum.
And pussy jewelry can also be quite fun when already in place hidden under other chlothing.

And I have to agree with FC: I really would not miss seeing Aria displaying all of herself in any deliberately thought out ALSscan way. In fact, that's why I'm here. :)

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