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Sie ist ganz nackig, hat so schöne Beine, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

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Unbelievably sexy -- so cute! What a beauty!

  • 5 months ago
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yes!! Aria is the most beautiful and sexy woman on this or any other on the web. I would love to have her sit on my face!! Would suggest there are too many shots with foreign things in her pussy. They get in the way of my tongue and other organ that could be put in her anus and pussy!!

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Pic quality and pretty much vid quality is shithouse. Wouldn't waste anymore $ on this site until they improve. This is the year 2018 people. Lets get cracking with better equipment. The obscene amount of money you make you could invest in some half decent cameras. Have cancelled and will remain so!

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It's good to see you go!

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Well, the griper is off to find other places to make senseless uninformed gripes. That was quick, but I guess if you hate the whole world, there would be so very much to complain about.

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Sie ist ganz nackig, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

  • Holy
  • 11 months ago
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Absolutely gorgeous and incredibly sexy

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Will there be a video of this shoot coming? Or a video of her? Would love one!

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Well nevermind, I see the other video... excellent!

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Please give us more of her!

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Wunderschöner Nackedei, sie ist ganz nackig, zeigt alles, hat so schöne Beine, mein Spatz wird sofort ganz steif und steht steil hoch...

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The year is off to a great start with Aria Haze as the first new model. She has a beautiful smile that is warm and inviting. I like the girls who are thin but don't look like they are starving themselves skinny. Aria is right there--healthy, but thin and long limbed. So she has very nice small tits, and I love her nipples. She also has a great thigh gap. Not so many standing shots in this set to really show that off, but I I'm sure it will be well featured in her upcoming scenes.

Great color scheme in this set. I like the purple of the bikini. The fabric is more opaque than a lot of the ALS bikinis--even wet. So it was a good call to have her move quickly to distorting her pussy since there wasn't much of a see-through to tease with.

I like #46, the (almost) closeup of her tits in landscape, and #47, a nice head and tits shot. My favorite sequence starts right after those two at #48 when she sits back down and spreads her legs wide with her hands up over the back of the chair. Aria looks fantastically hot posed like that. Instead of having a favorite shot from the sequence, I really like how it evolves. So in #48, you are to her side and she is looking straight ahead. Then over the next few shots you gradually work your way around to more in front of her. When you first catch her gaze, #52, she breaks into a small smile.

She keeps her hand up on the chair through the whole sequence and she also lifts her legs up onto the arms of the chair for another really hot, open, pose. I like that you got shots from right in front of her, like #61, and also from the side, like #65. And I really like that you came around behind her and took the over the shoulder shot, #67. That last one would be even better paired with another where she turned her head to look up at the camera.

This watering can is a good insertion toy since it has a long spout so the rest of the can doesn't block the view. It also goes well with the Dreamcatcher. Nice version of the Catcher, by the way. I like the painted clothespins--sunny and cheerful. The best shots are the no hands ones where she has put her arms up on the back of the chair again. And I appreciate that you once again slowly work your way off to her side and finally around behind her. My favorite is #138 from the side where she looks at the camera with an even friendlier smile.

(With the Dreamcatcher or speculum, I keep trying to encourage you to shoot some shots over the girl's shoulder back at the video crew. You've done it a few times, but I wish it was a regular feature. I think it is really hot to get to see the model's perspective. Given the sun in this scene, a cool variation would be to shoot over Aria's shoulder and have the crew come up to where we can see most of their shadows but not yet their feet . Ideally, they could hold their camera up or out such that we can tell from the shadows what they are doing.)

I also like how Aria poured water from the can up into her pussy and we get to watch it run out. You've been having more girls doing things like that--it's a good trend.

And a final question or comment. Is it typically the case that the girls who are more shy or reserved tend to settle into a single smile? Aria's smile is beautiful, but she's not changing it by much. Ariel Grace was a bit like that too. I know you encourage the girls to keep changing their looks, but maybe a few of them need more active interventions like telling them to stick their tongue way out or make funny faces. So basically throw in a few random "personality shots" throughout the shoot to try and break them out of their normal expression.

Glad to have Aria on the site. She's very pretty.

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"With the Dreamcatcher or speculum, I keep trying to encourage you to shoot some shots over the girl's shoulder back at the video crew. You've done it a few times, but I wish it was a regular feature..."

I couldn't agree more with Fooly Cooly. Yes, please!
I love the way ALSscan make good use of specula, spreaders, rocket and the Dreamcatcher as signature toys.
And with "over the shoulder"-shots, as well as more shots from behind (or for that matter any other variations), on a more regular basis: Even better. :)

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Wow you always have such great comments! Every girl is different and we always try to get them the express their personalities as much as possible. In Aria's case, her personality was more reserved than say somebody like Charity Crawford or Sara Jaymes. But that is not a bad thing, it is just the way she is. She was great to work with and a super sweet person. Her face is just not as expressive as some others may be.

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Thanks Alex. Oh I do appreciate that the girls have such varied personalities. That's why I think it is so great that you post the BTS videos of the photoshoots and the interviews. (Although I sure do wish you would get more interviews out and get them out quicker.)

My comment was mostly aimed at the fact that I know you work a lot at getting the girls to change their looks. (I also like that you have fun busting anyone who gives you a fake smile. That's not a problem with Aria--she has a pretty smile.) I was thinking that if you got Aria to laugh a bit, she would probably have some wonderful new expressions. Some of my favorite shots in this scene are the ones where she does change her look a bit. But I've been impressed with Aria so far, and she certainly is very beautiful. I'm looking forward to her BTS videos to see what she is like on set.

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Amazing.... this girl is beautiful!

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