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Several random thoughts that probably mean nothing to anyone other than me -

The first couple of hundred times I saw sets of Gina Gerson (here and elsewhere), I thought she was really cute in a sexy, naughty-girl type way. I still do. But, in my opinion, she's suffering from over-exposure. I've read in the Director's Blog that Gina's personality is such that she has an ability to loosen up a model who may otherwise be a little shy or hesitant to pose in the ALS style. This might explain why she is sometimes used as an "assistant", but it doesn't explain why she serves this role so frequently and often with models who have clearly demonstrated they don't suffer from "shyness" (Blue Angel immediately comes to mind).

Which brings me to my second thought - I enjoy a g/g or b/g scene as much as the next guy on occasion, but generally I prefer a single model photo set. Particularly when it's a new or favorite model.. However, single model sets have become the rarity rather than the norm.

I do like your photo shoot movies. I also like sets including shots of the photographer taking pictures of the model. I suppose these bring out the voyeurism in me, which would also explain why I like sets with pee scenes.

On the other hand, I find the masturbation movies to be not much more than filler. I can't ever recall watching one (even those involving a favorite model) for more than a couple of minutes. For me at least, if you've seen one, you've seen them all. If one is looking for a good hard-on video, there is much better material to be found scattered all over the internet.

I've made my feelings regarding the dream catcher contraption known on multiple occasions in the past and have conceded any attempts to reduce it's appearance is a lost cause. But, I do believe there are a lot of other ALS customers who share my opinion on this. I suspect people who like it tend to be much more vocal than those who don't. I find a model spreading her pussy with her fingers to be extremely more erotic than the dream catcher.

I think the speculum shots are a bit overused as well. Extreme closeups remind me of the medical posters you see at the doctor's office.

With all this said, I"m not trying to be critical so much as to simply make my preferences known. I'm not implying that I will cease coming back to ALS if my preferences don't influence future material. Just saying I would enjoy it more if they were.

Thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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And I thought I'm the only one who hates the Dreamcatcher! I enjoy seeing a girl's pussy stretched wide, but in my opinion there's nothing remotely sexy about that contraption.

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I agree with a lot of what you say. It prefer solo sets to g/G or b/g. I like a few shots of the photographers in the picture. I never watch the masterbation videos. Also not crazy about speculum. And I agree, I like the pee scenes. I do disagree about the Dreamcatcher. I like that and the spreaders a lot. All this having been said, at this point, I wouldn't consider leaving this site. I think overall that ALS does a great job! It's the only site I frequent at this point. I just skip over the picture I'm not interested in.

Oh and one more thing. I like a lot of the shoots where the model is dressed and she slowly and teasingly disrobes.

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Very much agree that overall ALS does a great job. First and foremost, the Scan models are exactly the kind of girls I want to see. (Although I'd love to see more ethnic variety.) I like all the types of video ALS shoots, and I like all the types of toys--particularly the ones that spread or open a girl's pussy up.

But it is your last point that I want to emphasize. The clothes the models wear and the teases at the start of the sets are an important part of the ALS style and they do it so well. The teases are a big part of what make the BTS videos good.

Some of the things I keep lobbying for are part of a sexy tease: lubed up panties or crotchless panties, thigh high socks or stockings, and how about getting another cheerleader scene, hmm?

Some of the best outfits this last year have been the super short shorts. ALS has been on quite a roll with those. Lots of really hot pussy peek pics in those sets.

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Ah good. Girl girl with Gina Gerson. It's always great when Gina is licking pussy.

We've been talking about ALS getting back to doing more with see through clothing. Well, Gina's swimsuit is excellent with a sexy design and nice thin fabric. They gotta get it wet too. And of course they do with Anny spraying her down well. And Gina does the right thing with Anny's suit as well by pulling the cups to the side. I really like that "titties out" look and it is perfect for Anny's somewhat larger tits. Would have liked her to wear the top that way for most of the shoot.

Great sequence of Gina eating Anny's pussy. Should of had the girls turned a bit, though: Gina has her legs wide open, but to get the shot of her pussy you would have had to get in the pool. Actually, a few pictures from the pool would have been good.

The girls don't 69. but they do two of my other favorite things: scissoring and double dildo. My favorite shot of them scissoring is #161 (thumbnails). The best shots of them with the double dildo are probably when they are doggie. Really love the pair of #212 and #213. In the first, they are lost in their experience, in the second, they both look over and grin: yeah that's right, we are fucking doggie style with a double dildo.

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Gina Gerson is fantastic as always. Too bad she's always stuck in an assistant role on this site these days. She's mains material.

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Well there is also an upside to having Gina as the assistant on a lot of shoots: consider all the pussy she gets to eat.

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Yeah she is mains but they cast her this year as assistant. Interestingly another Russian model Ivana F is like totally BTS now :( She's working the camera's. Although I think I know why she's still there. And the owners made that error. Certain Russian Women are like ....gosh where is this fountain of youth. Like certaiin females from the upper Midwest. It has to be that COLD air :)

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