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Hey pinhead camera man.. Maybe you have bad eyes , or can see the whole model's body.. WE CAN'T. ENOUGH WITH THE ZOOM. Show the model's whole body, NOT ALL CLOSEUPS.

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Oh, we have a brand new griper. New ones seem to keep showing up every few months, unfortunately. If you looked around a bit before you started griping, you would have noticed that there is a tradition around here of being positive and giving constructive criticism instead of being an ass like you see in comments in so many other places. It's a great tradition.

As to your complaint, you are just factually wrong. This video has both full body shots and closeups. Some of us around here like one more than the other, some of us like both. The crew that run this shop work really hard to try to please people with a lot of different tastes. You ought to tell them thanks.

Here's the constructive criticism that I would make: I think that ALS gets the overall balance between full body and closeup nearly right ( a bit more full body would be good), but I would rather the videos move back and forth between them a bit more frequently.

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Maybe you should watch the "art" or video. On all fours, you cannot see her whole body once, and that goes for ALL of her videos. She has a nice ass, but all you can see is a close up of her butt hole. These videos are just like EVERY other site... All close ups.

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Anie does the doggie pose for only a minute and a half. And it is a full body shot at the start.

I agree that it would be good to get more full body views. And I as I note above, I would like the view to switch back and forth more often.

When you showed up seven months ago you posted a list of gripes. It seemed liked you didn't like the site, so I'm surprised you are back. But you ought to consider that the crew at ALS are very friendly and work very hard to produce the kind of content that members want. And, of course, different people want different things. Hard to please everyone.

If you have some constructive advice, give it. ALS likes to hear what we think. But if you only want to whine and gripe, then just go away. This is a nice place and we don't need people getting nasty.

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Anie is a great addition to the site. Great close ups of her creamy wet pussy.

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Agreed. Anie's asymmetrical labia lips are endearing. Her moaning is fun. And I'd lap up her cream filling any day.


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