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(Long delirious comment continued from part 1)

Lick crazy Gina is still not done with Anie's pussy. Very cool that both girls do backbends. While Anie is doing hers, Gina keeps going to town on her pussy. Although Gina keeps her knees wide open, you don't go around to get any shots of her pussy this time. But what you do get are great shots of her really pulling on Anie's pussy lips with her mouth. Both full body, #110, and closeup, #120. Wow, those are hot.

After Anie, Gina does her backbend. And Anie uses the puff daddy balloon toy on her. You got a hell of a lot of shots of Gina up in that backbend and she's on tippy toes and head off the ground too. I love the fit girls, and Gina is formidably fit. Oh yeah.

Gina's butt does finally come back down to the ground. And then there is another good sequence with the puff daddy where Gina has her legs really wide and the low angle sun is perfect for great exposure. My favorite here is the three shot sequence of the girls tongue kissing, #165-167. Those are hot. Anie's tongue is probably not as long as Gina's, but it still looks pretty long. What could make this sequence even better--besides more shots--is if Anie rolled her tongue down in #165 like Gina did so that they were each licking the top of the other girl's tongue. I'm thinking maximally gratuitous tongue kissing. What could be better when a licking fiend like Gina goes bonkers?

The girls finish this already packed set with the double dildo which is my favorite girl girl toy. And this is a really long sequence with three different poses. There are lots and lots of hot shots, so I just will point out one of my favorites from each pose. With both girls on their backs, I really like #208. Like the pussy eating shot above, this one is full body of both girls with excellent dramatic light. Gina has got her eyes closed again and both girls are playing with their tits.

Doggie is a great position for the double dildo. I love that the girls take turns holding their legs up so that we can see what is going on in there. My favorite is #231 with Anie's leg up. I like that both girls are looking at the camera and Anie is laughing at showing herself like this. Piledriver is a bit unusual for the double dildo. I think you do it more with the strapon, but I like it better with the double dildo. The shot I like best is #242. Anie is holding Gina's feet forward and the girls are looking at each other. Anie seems to be really getting into it here.

Well, that's a ridiculously long comment even skipping over most of the great shots. So if you like girl girl, you can't serious complain about a wonderful scene like this one. But I will close pointing out a missed opportunity. When the girls stand up and hug at the very end, wouldn't it have been sweet and sexy if Gina had planted a big ol' wet lick on Anie's cheek?

Thanks for the great and very hot scene!

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Wow, what a hot set. Gina has long been one of my favorites, and new girl Anie Darling is making a big splash. These two hotties do so much of what I like to see in a girl girl scene--fantastic!

Just the other day I mentioned how sexy Faye Runaway and Isabella Sky were out in public in their short dresses and that you ought to shoot more like that. Well, Anie and Gina aren't in public, but they are outdoors on a summer day and their light sundresses are perfect for the sort of flashing I had in mind. I love that pose where they are both sitting with their legs crossed under them and their dresses are riding up on their hips. The first shot (#10) is the best with Anie's pussy still half covered and she has a great look while Gina is licking her neck.

And that is another great thing about this set--Gina goes lick crazy. She licks Anie's neck. (Love the tongue on #13.) She licks her ear. After sucking on her tit, she licks down her tummy. She licks her leg and licks her hip. She licks her asshole. And, of course, she licks her pussy. Great pussy licking. Later in the scene, there is a brief--but hot--bit of tongue kissing. Love seeing Gina go on a licking spree like this. If you had realized that you had the theme going, you could have had Gina lick Anie again at the end which would have a perfect ending for this hot scene.

Sometimes you get great transition shots. Gina had Anie in doggie to lick her ass, and she is about to start gaping her pussy. In #54, Gina looks off for a moment, but Anie looks at the camera with an amused but contented smile. Looks like she is enjoying the attention.

Good scissoring. My favorite is #69 where Gina is licking Anie's fingers. (Oh, missed that one on my licking list.) Then they go right to into 69 pussy licking. You get hot shots of Gina sucking on Anie's clit. But you ought to get the girls to spend more time licking all the way down the pussy. And Gina has a nice long tongue--get her to bury it as deep in Anie'e pussy hole as she can. Likewise, you got great closeups of Anie licking Gina's clit like #92, but you ought to get a few of her running her tongue all the way up, particularly since Gina is pulling her pussy open so invitingly.

After the 69, Gina turns around and gets down where she can keep licking Anie's pussy. These are excellent. I like that you got full bodies shots like #99-100 where you came around to where we could see Gina's pussy. There are good shots of Gina pulling Anie's lips with her mouth. But in keeping with the licking theme, I love the closeup #104--now that is great big full tongue pussy lick. This part of the sequence ends with some full bodies shots from above Anie's head. These are very hot. You picked one for your cover shot. My favorite is #105. Anie is looking at the camera with sexy passion. The lighting is dramatic and accents Anie's nipples. And Gina, with her eyes closed, has sucked Anie's pussy into her mouth. Gina even has legs open and feet up. Perfect composition. This is what you want when want hot hot girl girl.

(Raving about this scene resumes in part 2)

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