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p.s. : the direction of "acting like walking legs to opposite direction " is -- left hand's finger to the left, and right hand's finger to the right. Just suggesting. Thanks.

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One more thing : the sequence order is not good, because if u used the index finger to open and hold the vaginal-entrance, u don't have fingers to "using both hands' index and middle fingers spreading the middle of Labia-minora by pulling the two fingers to opposite direction like walking legs with both hands same finger at the same time -- to wild spread open those small holes at the left and right side of Urethral-opening(pissing hole).

Pls allow me to explain : (every action below using both hands' same finger acting at the same time)

Firstly, use index fingers to pull up the foreskin(Prepuce) upward to 10 and 2 o'clock direction to show Clitoris (but this will only do half the job - just possible to show the lower part of clitoris), then hold it there for using her both thumbs to pull up the foreskin(Prepuce) more upward and apart to show THE WHOLE Clitoris, then while holding it open by only the thumbs (index fingers of both hands are free now), spread the Urethral-opening by using index fingers and middle fingers (of both hands in dry condition) to spread the Labia minora (which is also in dry condition) by same fingers of both hand acting like walking legs for 2 or 3 times; and while holding this wild spread by index and middle fingers of both hands; then use her ring fingers (or the tail finger also) of both hands to push down( to 7 and 5 o'clock directions) the Vaginal-entrance AT THE SAME TIME. Then we can have a real wildest spread pussy photo with 5 holes become circle shape (1 Clitoris, 2 Urethral-opening, 3+4 the small hole at the left and right side of pissing hole(Urethral-opening), 5 vaginal-entrance) . Thanks.

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These spread pussy shot are the best ! Great ! Next time the lady can try not to be up-side down, and do it herself while sitting on a big chair / sofa / bed (with her back on wall, so easiler); also , the close-up shot can be closer too, thanks .

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Can't wait for this video. Cayenne rocks!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes Cayenne is beautiful, but everyone that pops up in each and every set sooner or later becomes boring.

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