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This exchange has resulted in me having a closer second and (well, it had to be done properly) third look of the set. An a beautiful young woman with that twinkle in her eyes and (very soon) with no pants on, has made me beef up my original score of nine to a full house. Besides the grocery and Dreamcatcher theme, this set has a sequence of very good bottomless photos. In combination with heavy duty expressive eye contact from Leyla, this really has to be classified as dynamite. :)

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I'm not really a fan of the Dream Catcher, except that it provides the thing that I like most. Give me spread pussy, with as little distraction as possible. A next gen Dream Catcher would disappear from the eye as much as possible. Skip the colored dream catcher and go clear or close to skin tone & find different elastic & clip materiel. DC2!

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Another alternative along those lines (make the frame thingy disappear and make it more invisible), would be the application of skin toned or clear sports tape in much the same way as the Dreamcatcher.
I would not like to get rid of or modify the original Dreamcatcher too much, though. It has become it's own thing, and the very visible, rather crazy big contraption partly is a very sexy toy just because of being that contraption. Point in case is this scene with Leyla. Here the Dreamcatcher "works" in relation to Leyla, even when it's still hanging on the wall. Something almost totalt invisible, or a roll with sports tape just hanging there, would not have that same effect. :)

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That's right. One of the cool things about the Dreamcatcher is that it is a frame put around a pussy to deliberately showcase that pussy. I wouldn't care so much for a Catcher that was somewhat transparent or similar to skin tones. I like the bright colored ones, and I like that ALS sometimes coordinates them to other colors in the scene. For instance, in this scene the blue Catcher picks up the blue colors in Leyla's fingernail polish. That's a nice touch.

Also, is there really a need for a skin colored Catcher? The girls often spread their pussies using their fingers which, of course, are skin colored. And ALS has found quite a few girls whose pussies will stay open no hands in a glorious butterfly.

So I think the whole pussy spreading project is going quite well here on ALS. Alex keeps checking out new ideas for spreading and gaping toys, so the prospects for wide open lips might get even better.

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Nice model. The clothespin rig detracts in my view and should be gotten rid of. Reshoot the GG sequences with some wholesome natural pussy licking.

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Agree. And as a point of reference, the "dreamcatcher" shall be known from this day forward as the "clothespin rig".
I lost interest in this set from the very beginning when I saw the rig hanging in the background. Is there anyone out there over the age of 15 that really thinks this thing is sexy??? And the cucumber and sharpie pens thing has just about run it's course as well.... what's wrong with an old fashioned dildo?

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What’s wrong with an old-fashioned dildo? I’ll tell you what’s wrong: Too many damn splinters (talk about a fucking pain in the ass, literally!). Plus instead of batteries most of them are coal-powered; I find all that smoke and soot to be a bit of a distraction. Not only that, a lot of the really old-fashioned ones tend to be uncircumcised and that’s just plain weird. And I doubt I’ll ever get used to the smell of moth balls. I tell ya the list goes on…

…or maybe it doesn’t. My point is, most of the demons that perpetually haunt me exist purely as a result of my own warped conceptions and in many cases the only effective recourse has been laughter (the demons fucking hate that!) The “scream-snatcher”, as I refer to it, is among those things I don’t particularly care for, but mostly as a result of my distaste for superfluous gadgets in general. Vibrators, I get, and in all likelihood even the aforementioned dildos are justifiable (sans lead-based paint, of course). They serve a dedicated purpose and are clearly effective in terms of delivering the sort of satisfaction any woman would enthusiastically seek. When it comes to various other novelties employed by this venue, I struggle to embrace the notion that the average female is genuinely turned on by them, at least not for more than a few seconds. To be honest I’ve never had occasion to ask a woman if strategically attaching a series of clothes pins to her labia and suspending them by her grandma’s cross-stitching hoop would help her to achieve an explosive orgasm. Maybe that day will come.

Having said that, as long as any prop employed in the continuous search for originality doesn’t impede my visual experience I’ll do my best to live with it. Now I must point out that I use the word “prop” very loosely and thus it includes all entities employed in a photoshoot, inanimate or otherwise. There is yet that one particular hang-up I still struggle with and thus far, my only truly effective recourse is simply not to click on the photosets that utilize them. It’s unfortunate for me that it has to be this way and it’s not out of protest, it’s just that I can’t tolerate it. I have chosen to lighten up on the subject partly out of sheer fatigue, but mostly because I believe there exists the sort of tangible recipients in this world who are much more deserving of my sarcasm. Plus I’m still scared to death Dylan and Chad are gonna show up on my door step one day and beat the living shit out of me (stereotype the gay community all you want, some of those sons-of-bitches are scrappy as hell!).

Anyhow, I don’t know if this adds any value to the debate. It’s an opinion among many, and as they say opinions are like assholes: everybody has one and they all stink. But one thing’s for sure. If I ever find an opinion that’s anything like the asshole on Leyla Black I feel like I could damn near worship it.

Peace, brothers.

Oh, and sisters (gotta give a shout out to michelle N jessica; we much loving you, too!!! Heart, heart! Blossom!!!)

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After five years of being an ass, are you ready to pull the plug? If we give you a gold watch, would you just retire? Take a round the world cruise where they keep you drunk enough that you wouldn't think to go gripe on ALS?

Those of us not fooled by the above two gripers quickly spotted this set as an excellent example of a classic ALS cucumber and Dreamcatcher scene--this time with the sexy Leyla Black. Even before she even gets to the toys, she does some hot posing, particularly the sequence from #83 to #101.

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Fooly Cooly has cut me to the quick, but at the same time made me rethink my anti-dreamcather attitude and purpose in life. I don't know why I continue being an ass, but I'm really trying to come to grips with my demons.

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Well, I, for one, am one of the proud members of "Us over 15 (and then some) who thinks the Dreamcatcher is really very sexy". :)

I like the Dreamcatcher, the Rocket, the retractor, the speculum and any sexy toy, fruit, bottle, measuring dildo, glass dildo or ordinary dildo, or even a good old ordinary pee in an unusual place, that an exhibitionistic hot woman of the "all shaved and bottomless" persuasion might find interesting and sexy to try out. :)

On the contrary, I very much liked the opening shots of this set. It is the build up of erotic tension in seeing the model fully clothed with the Dreamcatcher just hanging around in the background, and the way she is looking at and stands posing close to the Dreamcatcher, before getting out of her clothes and on with the fun. It made for some very interesting opening shots I think, and really made me wanting to see more. Which I did. :)

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Tbh by far not the best ALS Photoset I have seen.
But its not that easy to tell why: She has a nice body, nice poses, nice pussy.

When thinking about it I have to say: Its the face. The tongue piercing is aweful and the makeup arround the lips ( permanent makeup?) looks incredibly cheap.

Ffrom a technical point of view a nice photoset, but the model does not "touch my heart".

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