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Except for the piercings this was a great set. I gave it a 10,in spite of the piercings. I LOVED the shots of Ally kneeling behind Freya, opening her pussy lips to help her pee!

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Clit piercings are beautiful and more girls should get them

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Always great to have Freya in a girl girl scene, and this time she is with the really hot Ally Tate. This set starts out with delightful flirty play between the girls and moves into lots of sexy kissing. What makes this scene is the passionate looks the girls have for each other and that they come back to kissing again and again. There is just a bit of pussy licking--this is a scene with less pussy licking and more kissing. Plenty of open mouth and tongue kissing, so that's hot, but more pussy licking would have made it even better.

After some cute shots where they feed each other grapes, they quickly get into kissing. Love #15. Dogatonic once cleverly called that style "gratuitous tongue kissing" which of course means it is great.

I like their difference in height and also their difference in personalities. So the girls have great looks for each other, but they also give the camera some looks too. Ally gives sly knowing looks like #12 and #19, and Freya (#20) is like "woohoo! look at the hottie I have today!" So another of my favorites is #22 with them looking at each other: Freya is excited to get to undress Ally, and Ally is charmed pink with the attention. Another excellent example of that vibe is #28 where Freya is pulling on Ally's nipple ring with her teeth. And Freya really excited: #39.

A great shot that plays off Freya's eagerness is #47. We get an open doggie view of Ally and can see her pussy lips are starting to open. Ally is looking back at us, and she knows what we see. But Freya is trying to stretch up and look over Ally's ass--she really wants to see too.

I always love sequences where the girls have their shorts pulled down on their thighs. This time Ally has pulled Freya's shorts down to her knees and leaves them there a bit. Really like the shots #54-59 where they are kissing while Ally plays with Freya's pussy.

The banana is great. Standing insertion shots are cool, and this time Freya crouches down which opens her legs up wide and lets her kiss Ally some more. #97, more sexy tongue.

Then we get a long sequence where Freya is sitting with her legs wide open and she lifts her ass up off the ground to better display her big beautiful pussy--just love how much she enjoys exposing herself. The girls keep kissing. #109 is more wonderfully gratuitous tongue. At the end of the sequence Freya pees a bit, but that's just a hint of what's to come.

We get two fisting poses. With Ally on her back, Freya can kiss her and lick her pussy. I wish there was more pussy licking and that Freya had gaped her with both hands. (Go back and forth between fisting and gaping.) There are also some good shots of Freya rubbing her long pussy lips on Ally's thigh. The medium closeup #160 is really good.

The second fisting pose is my favorite when you have a naked assistant: Freya is on her back with legs open and Ally stands over her. These are great. You picked a good one for the cover shot.

Then Freya self-fists which sets up the best sequence of the set: Freya peeing while the girls are kissing. #260 is just so hot and also a brilliant composition. The girls are kissing with just a bit of tongue and a lot of passion while Freya's pee is arcing up high over her knee and casting a shadow on her leg. This shot perfectly captures Freya's love of girls and her love of peeing on camera. Amazing.

Ally Tate is certainly one of the hottest girls on the site, but Freya is an ALS treasure.

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Absolutely agree about #260! One of the hottest shots ever! And Freya always has such a great stream.

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Wow - stunning !!

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Wow - stunning !!!

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