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Please some shots of her bare feet as well!!!

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Got to be 1 of the best sets ever , more ballerina's please !!

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here the
can become a great "sneak peek" shot, by the same upper body posture, same angle -- change to wear a more loose clothes, thus the upper part of the nipple can be seen, in a way men dream of every day. Take one more close-up photo if possible.
And for other normal set, take some more close-up photos with just one nipple if possible too.
By the way, u know, it is not easy for anyone to comments, because u are already the best with most of your photos perfect already.

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p.s. : m_8A828CA62F6FCED4D91F7A4A726EDD3E.jpg is the last photo of Page 2.

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I also think that the photos at Page 1 can become a great "upskirt" scene too. If ask the lady walking upstair, and then take photos from behind and two stairs below, also with camera at slightly left (if she has her left leg going up the stair, because this can have the most underpants view at the pussy part) etc..

For more details, u may ask the lady to stand at the edge of the middle level of upper(one floor upper) stairs - facing upstair, than camera-man stand at one floor lower stairs with camera behind her high-heeled shoes(wear high-heeled shoes makes her legs and whole body have a more beautiful shape) with one feet(12") distance closer to the camera-man (thus, over the edge of the stair which the lady is standing, thus, the camera can shot at a much lower place without limited by the stair the lady is standing, thus can use a 80mm zoom angle to shot it, thus, the proportion of the pants and her legs will stay natural and will not be distorted by a 28mm wild angle shot), and ask the lady to move her leg (the leg closer to the camera-man) up one or two stairs (can look at the camera without bending her body or just act like walking upstair normally). Take picture there will have the best upskirt shot with all the two legs in best shape and largest pants view. Thank you for your kind attention.

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p.s. : but normally, using 35 - 50 mm will do, because 80mm need longer distance which normally don't have.

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I think the photo shot between


is important, it is the moment while the whole pussy is spread most wildly ; also helps if the speculum can go more to an angle of "downslope/oblique downward" degree angle (so the whole pussy will not be blocked by any part of the speculum if shot was taken in front position) , while, plus a downward force which spread the upper part of the pussy downward while spreading to left and right at the same time, thus the whole inner pussy can be WITHOUT FOLDING LINES. That will be great.

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If the jpg number of the photo is too long for u to find, the "important photo that is missing" means the moment that the speculum nearly comes out. At that time, the pink "pissing hole" area is still having "folding lines" like what it is shown at the other photos , but if she use some force to push down the speculum(while continue to take out the speculum very slowly), and at the same time, use another hand to pull up the upper part of the pussy (placing not oily/not slippy index finger at the left side and middle finger at her right side of her pussy and pull up and spread - like what she did at P.12 (l_E19124B28F628A4485874C6BBFA0D1D4.jpg), then there will be no "folding lines", thus the pink pissing hole area will be shown clearly at the same time.

Anyway, this set of photo is already the best in the world I have ever seen, I appreciate it very much, thank you. What I still suggesting is just some extra, if u don't mind.

Thanks again.

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Great, one of the best.
One little suggestion : when the lady is oily, her pussy and fingers become slippy, then she cannot spread her pussy very wild because of the slippy. Thanks.

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Is there a movie from this shoot?

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Yes, the BTS Photoshoot Video will be added to the schedule in the near future. Thanks.

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