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More Boy-Girl sex scenes where the cumshot ends up on her body just like this!! Great scene!!

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I think Alsscan is a amazing site, all the better for variety. If you don't like B/G vids you don't have to look at them.
Sara & Tyler are great, both very sexy....great oral.....great sex.....really HOT video...MORE PLEASE.

  • 4

This is an awesome set. Next time you should integrate a creampie and then a speculum to view. That would be great. keep it up!

  • 7

Guess I'm the only one here, but loving the B/G stuff!

  • Zip2
  • 11 months ago
  • 4

Well, i like the b/g content. I think ALS has the balance just right, with only one or two sets in a shoot of seven featuring b/g

  • 3

I agree with all. This is a GREAT solo and girl-girl site. But the boy-girl has no appeal to me. Hopefully, it will remain a minor part of the site.

  • ATWA
  • 11 months ago
  • 3

This video was an instant delete after downloading it. Alsscans seems to have lost some of its amateur charm after joining the Metart network becoming more of a glamour porn website. I have been an on and of member since the earlier days of Als back in 2002 and now might consider canceling membership.

  • 2

The worthless photoshoot of this awful video and the other video for that other worthless photoset need to be destroyed and never seen. People know what has and what will be posted.

  • 3

Damn! The boy-girl stuff on this site is certainly controversial. One thing is clear from some of the comments, which is that people haven't even looked at what is on the site before writing. For instance, there hasn't been a photo-shoot of this set posted yet. The Cuddle Buddies boy-girl photo set is an entirely different set. And while that photo set is not as mind-blowingly hot at the solo "Lets Get Physical" photo set, it's still really nice. Sara's awesome and this is a pretty nice boy-girl vid, though I feel like ALS Scan is still at the early stages of learning how to do good boy-girl vids. While I think ALS Scan's solo photo shoots are better than any other site's solo photo shoots, there are plenty of other sites doing better boy-girl vids. PornPros, for instance, has done spectacular boy-girl vids with Sara. ATK Girlfriends is a new site doing boy-girl vids that have incredible imagery. There's nothing special so far about ALS Scan's boy-girl vids - but it's new terrain and I'm a big supporter of ALS Scan, keep exploring the medium, check out what other sites are doing and learn from there.

  • 0

as I said it's nothing to cancel my membership over. If one is a fan of ALS Scan why would you cancel?? It's just an opinion. Fortunately there isn't many b/g stuff

  • 0

Cuddle Buddy is the correct name of the boy-girl photo shoot already posted, and Physical Training is the correct name of the solo photo shoot that I think is so great

  • 2

The picture set was a zero and I hoped the video would never be seen. This rates a -100. The worst video ever done. Crap like this should never be seen or done on Als Scan. Members should get a year membership for free

  • ATWA
  • 11 months ago
  • 3

Alsscan has been a part of internet porn history for solo explicit shoots for ages and I agree with everyone here. Hardcore has no place in Alsscans and site would better if kept a dick free website.

  • 3

hardcore doesn't go with alsscan

  • 6

Got to agree with Bone on this one. You're drifting away from your original "girl next door" concept which is why I joined all those years ago. If I want hardcore porn, I'll go to another site.

Also, how about a NEW Caribbean trip and 6 NEW girls with plenty of naked beach fun, unscripted BTS videos, and peeing like you had back in the good old days?? These are the best videos you ever made!! If you stopped making these trips, I'm going to have to cancel membership too.

  • 1

Not sure if I'd go to an extreme and cancel but I can rate and all the M/F crap gets 1 or 2 bars. Is it crap no. But unless he's a lady the site doesn't say ALMS anyway would love to see Isabella on here (the ebony Czech one but will have to wait..

  • bone
  • 11 months ago
  • 4

there's plenty of sites for M/F - totally not what i joined this site for. Cancelling my membership.


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