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Beautiful but did someone forget to shave???

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I also think a little bit of hair is a welcome change for your website and should be considered for all future model shoots. I personally see no reason why your members can't have both. Mia is an excellent model and I really enjoyed her photo shoot. GREAT JOB.

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I'm okay with the model starting a set with 'em, but they should be gone long before the end (hot woman shaving other hot woman - I call that entertainment for sure). For that matter, why only shaved - and not waxed, lasered, or electrolyzed? I think that would be awesome, personally. Mia is absolutely gorgeous, but, since - even in my fantasies - I can't stand to floss while I eat, the vagbeard is absolutely a minus to me.

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I Love this photoset of MIA!
Great job ALS SCAN!

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Honestly, don't like it at all to see this "unshaved" girl here. She broke a 15 years tradition on both ALS sites of having ALL girls shaved by the end of the shooting, inlcuding those who are usually never shaved like Silvia Saint and Andie Valentino. Now it's actually "ALSeMM - All Ladies Shaved (except Mia Malkova)".

And yes, I did read the blog entry from may and I have no idea about this business, if there would have been an option to see not shaving as breach of contract with a compensaton fee or if it would have been to sell the well done photos to another site. It's just my humble opinion that this girl is wrong here.

I mean it's not only the actualy pubic hair on her itself, it's the attitude. If there are medical reasons why it was not possible at that time, well ok. But if not - is it really too much to ask to shave some pubic hair off a single 1-day job?!

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I'm not bothered by a little bit of pubic hair on occasion. It's a nice change.

If the models have their navels pierced, they should wear jewelery in the piercing rather than having an empty hole showing. With all the shots displayed here, not one shot of her anus. From a couple of partial shots with the wine bottle insertions, she looks like she has a nice tight anus. It would be nice to see it straight on, not on an oblique shot.

She is so flexible - I hope you shot some boy/girl with her doing her back bends during sex. It would be really hot to see.

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is this not same set from angels?

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Mia is clearly an ALS Angels model with her full figured body and C-cup breasts. This scene that we posted of her to ALS Scan is a guest model set that contains all unique images. The similiar set on ALS Angels has different pictures. The rest of her shoot will be released on Thanks

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This site provides us only completely shaved girls and that's what I like and what I'm paying for. Many other sites pr├ęsents hairy or partly hairy or trimmed pussy hair. So, when a girl has pubic hair, please ask her to shave completely before photo session. That's what makes ALS unique in that business : we are certain to find only young beautiful gorgeous shaved girls. Thank you.

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Hi Batman, I addressed this and all of the issues regarding her pussy hair in my May 17th 2013 blog post. Please refer to that for more details. Thanks

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I like her what a girl

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