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A wonderful, gorgeous girl in every respect, apart from her ear modifications which she will regret in later years.

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Very sexy woman.

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Truly a dream!

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Her Pussy looks like a BigMac 112-115. Yummi. I´m loving it.

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Def want more

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many too thin

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she actually has meat on her bones. smh she's stretching

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Love to see more sets of her please !

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Fantastic dreamcatcher shots

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A beautiful girl fucked by tattoos and pins

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…aw, hey come on now. It’s just another form of artistic expression. She and all the other so-called “suicide girls” have all the freedom in the world to utilize it just like I have the freedom to give a five year old kid a fistful of crayons, point at da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and say, “Go make it pretty!”. Or what about Michelangelo’s sculpture of David? I think I have every right to give a hammer and chisel to oh, I don’t know, a paranoid schizophrenic Vietnam vet tripping on acid, shrooms, and MDMA all at the same time and say, “Here, just take a little off the top”. Nah, I’ll have to side with you on this topic, my friend. I’m just not getting it either. I see these flawlessly spectacular women doing this sort of thing to themselves all the time and invariably I picture myself years from now going to visit a loved one in a retirement home. Chances are pretty good I’m going to spot one of these former “spinners-from-God’s-good-graces” in her early eighties sitting on a bench out front with a tattoo on the back of her neck in tribal lettering that reads “SUCK MY PUSSY!!” There’ll come a day when I’ll be dining at a fine restaurant worrying about whether or not the wrinkled old bat sitting at the table next to me with an eyebrow stud is gonna sneeze and spew some manner of effluent out of one of the other dozen holes she had bored into her head forty years prior. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with someone’s desire to improve their outward appearance- as long as it starts internally with the fucking brain first, and ends externally perhaps with a subtle accentuation at most. Additionally, I don’t truly believe I have the freedom to desecrate the most beautiful works of art in this world. Simply making the attempt would bring about harsh consequences. And artistic expression in itself is no license to act on the desire to put on a vulgar display of mankind’s willingness and tendency to flippantly destroy the various representations of beauty that surrounds us simply because they’re within our reach. With that in mind, think about it, ladies. Granted, you’re cute and bubbly right now, but damn, one of us might be that unfortunate healthcare worker charged with the task of changing out your incontinence garment when you’re too old to do it yourself. It’s not gonna be me, of course, but when that time comes, I definitely wouldn’t want to be the one that spots a tattoo of an arrow pointing to your butthole reading: “THE FUN STARTS HERE!!” And it doesn’t have to be tribal lettering; there’s no font in this world capable of taking the sting out of that imagery. On that note, please excuse the graphic visualizations, but they serve as a direct reflection of my passionate stance on this matter and what more applicable venue is there than this? By the way, mate, your astute and poignant assertion lends itself to a bit of irony having come from a self-proclaimed DV8. But it’s cool nonetheless.

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Superb! More inflatable toys, more vacuum pumps, more pussy distortion, please. And much, much more of Janice, please. She is adorable!

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