Henessy Age First Published: 21
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Budapest 2011 Casting Assessment: Maybe - Not Selected

Budapest 2012 Casting Assessment: Selected

Shoot #1 Review / Bio:
Henessy is a saucy little seductress. We first met her back in 2011 during a Budapest casting call. Admittedly, we opted not to shoot her for one reason or another and when we returned to the states and released our casting photos and videos to members, boy did we hear about it. We looked her over again and agreed, we really missed out. So this year when we returned to Hungary, we were sure to keep an eye out for this cutie and fortunately for all of us, she was willing to come all the way from her native country of Russia to our casting, so we booked her for a shoot and the rest is history. ALS Angels members are in for treat with this petite honey who really shined in our pics and videos. Henessy stands 5'3" tall (161cm) and weighs 114lbs (52kg); her measurements are 37C-25-37 (95C-64-95cm). In search of independence and fulfillment, Henessy ventured into the adult biz for the allure of travel, money, and sex. She has an insatiable appetite for men who possess the right balance between tenderness and rudeness. She first became sexually active around the age of 15 and started shaving her pussy a year before. She loves seafood, riding her bike, and her cat. She works out every day but admitted that her guilty vice is smoking. All around, Henessy was a great girl with a very down-to-earth attitude and an amazing body, so we are sure you guys will really enjoy this excellent addition to the ALS line up.
Henessy is featured on ALSAngels.com.

Budapest 2013 Casting Assessment: Not Selected
  • Age Shot: 21
  • Eye color: brown
  • Hair color: black
  • Breasts: large
  • Size: 37/25/37
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Country: Hungary
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