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Blue Angel, Model at ALS Scan

  • Age first shot: 18
  • Eye color: blue
  • Hair color: blonde
  • Breasts: medium
  • Measurements: 35/25/36
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 108 lbs
  • Country: Hungary
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Budapest 2007 Casting Assessment: Selected
The next day Blue Angel came to my suite so that we could cast her. When I saw her clothed and then naked, there was no question. I had to shoot this girl. In fact, I think I can be heard on video saying that I loved her puffy tits and I wanted to shoot as much of her as possible. She was an instant selection.

Shoot #1 Review / Bio:
Blue Angel is one of those models that as soon as she walked through the door at the casting, we immediately knew we had to shoot her. Then when she took her clothes off and we saw her puffy tits and plump pussy lips, not only did we want to just shoot her, we wanted to get as much material of her as possible during our trip. Well, we shot a ton of pictures and video of this honey and we are extremely happy with the results. We have seen pictures of her elsewhere, but we think you will agree that nobody has ever captured her true beauty and personality like we were able to do. These were some great shoots. Admittedly, we are not crazy about her stage name of Blue Angel but what are you going to do. We try not to reassign different names to the models because by keeping the name that she normally uses, it allows members to better search around for her other work. We want you to see her other work so you can better appreciate what we shot. Blue Angel is 19 years old, 5'6" (168 cm) tall, and weighs 101 lbs (46Kg). Her body is really tight (what we mean by this is that her skin is not soft and squishy; it is really firm and hard). She has the puffiest tits that we have seen since ALS model Noel and we talked to her about this. Blue Angel said that she hates her tits and wishes that they were just more normal. We told her that she was crazy and that they are some of the best tits we have seen in years - she should be proud of them. Blue Angel is a rather outgoing girl and she loves to draw the attention of men. Notice that blue top she is wearing in the Promo, Set #5. We asked her if that was something that she would wear in public and she said absolutely, in fact she will purposely lean forward to expose her tits and check out the reactions of men. She also will regularly wear tight, camel toe showing pants in public like the ones that you see in Promo Sets #4 and #6. In fact, she arrived to one of the shoots wearing that exact same outfit that we shot her wearing in Promo Scene #6. Blue Angel is amazing on video as well. She started having sex at the age of 15, but has been shaving her pussy ever since she started growing hair. Her fantasy is to have sex on the beach with 2 men at the same time in public. Now we hear this similar fantasy all the time so we asked her about it. Fact is, she said, when a girl is on the beach wearing practically nothing at all with the warm sun getting her all hot and juicy, that is a time when sex is constantly on their mind. So guys, just think about that. You may see a girl sitting on the beach reading a book or just getting some sun but they are just like men in that chances are they are thinking about fucking, too. Blue Angel likes to listen to hip-hop, hang out with friends, and go dancing. Let us know what you think of this honey!

Budapest 2008 Casting Assessment: Selected
What can I say about Blue? We shot her 2 times last year and she blew us away. Yet we still needed more Blue Angel. And as an added bonus, she told us that she had been practicing self-fisting and she loved it. And check out her tits; if you compare last years pictures with this time, you can see that they are still growing (and still puffy, too). Blue Angel is one of my personal favorite ALS models of all time. We also selected her for a nude body-painting shoot, which is scheduled for release in May 2009. The crowds of people could not take their eyes off her puffy tits poking through that thin layer of white body paint that she wore. This will be one for your collections, no doubt!

Shoot #2 Review / Bio Update:
Blue Angel is back! After our first shoot with Blue Angel during our Budapest 2007 trip, we fell in love with her puffy tits and plump pussy, as did many of our members! So this year when we returned to Budapest, we knew we definitely wanted to work with her again. This time we picked up 4 photosets and 3 masturbation videos, not to mention an entire nude in public body painting shoot that turned out terrific! She is now 20 years old, 5'6" (168 cm) tall, and weighs 101 lbs (46Kg). She has been having sex since she was 15 and loves men, although she enjoys fooling around with the ladies as well. She enjoys hanging out with friends and going dancing during her free time, but we are willing to guess she enjoys toying with herself, too! When we left Czech in 2007, we asked Blue Angel to work on her fisting skills, and she really did! Now she loves the fist and her pussy was able to take in her entire hand with amazing ease, plus she also got in some fisting action with our assistant this go around. Now we even rank Blue Angel among our best fisters of all time, Tori and Holly; we would really like to take Blue Angel with us on our next Tropical island trip so keep your fingers crossed and in the meantime, enjoy Blue Angel Shoot #2 as only ALS can present her!

Shoot #4 (2011) Review / Bio Update:
We've had the pleasure of working with Blue Angel 8 times now, not including many times as our female assistant. ALS members can't get enough and neither can we! Every time we see Blue, she gets better and better looking, from the first time we laid eyes on her plump snatch and puffy nipples at casting, through four complete shoots and three Caribbean trips later, she never ceases to amaze. In this fourth solo shoot, we still managed to find things we had never done with Blue, and since the weather was so nice, we shot all her photosets outside. Originally, Blue was only booked to be our female assistant during our Budapest trip. Then one day during the trip, we were scheduled to begin shooting a different model at 9:00am who showed up over an hour late. Consequently, we kicked her off set, looked at Blue and said, "ready to work?" In 10 minutes flat, we were off to the races and because Blue is such a talented professional, we finished a complete half-day shoot in record time. We were even able to call up the next model and ask her to arrive early. True ALS fans know Blue is a contender for one of the best self-fisters of all time, and never fails to deliver raw, unfettered sexual-energy and passion. And as a side note, she even got a new nose ring that we thought was cute and gave her a slightly different look. Blue Angel is now 23 years old, 5'6" (168 cm) tall, and weighs ~108 lbs (49 kg). Your feedback is always appreciated!

Shoot #3 Review / Bio Update:
ALS Scan members can't get enough of Blue Angel and neither can we. We've had the pleasure of working with this beauty several times over the years, releasing her first, second, and fourth ALS shoots, as well as taken her on Caribbean trips and had her as a female assistant; but this, her third, full ALS shoot, may just take the cake! Blue hails from Hungary but traveled to the states to do some L.A. work and we simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with her again locally. For this shoot, Blue pulled all the stops, showing us how hard she had been practicing her fisting. Blue easily ranks as one of our best self-fisters of ALL time if not THE best. Blue did fisting, self fisting, nearly took a full double-fisting from Leighlani, and even got footed! We also got Blue to take the biggest ALS Rocket we make for a nice view deep inside her sweet snatch. Having her for the full day, we were able to produce 7 complete photosets, including 2 outside since the weather was nice. Blue just gets hotter every time you see her; be sure to let us know what you think of this amazing shoot!

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